Pair who laughed as they raped woman they ‘came across’ in town centre have sentences CUT because they are not ‘dangerous’

Daily Mail:

  • Rezgar Nouri, 27, and Mohammed Ibrahim, 24, repeatedly raped the woman, 24, in Preston
  • But judges rule there was ‘insufficient evidence’ that they should be defined as ‘dangerous’
  • They allowed the men’s appeal against original indeterminate sentence and instead handed each a 12-year term

By Matt Blake

PUBLISHED: 16:40 GMT, 27 June 2012 | UPDATED: 17:47 GMT, 27 June 2012

Two men who laughed during a horrific ‘gang rape’ of a drunken woman have had their sentences slashed after three senior judges ruled they were not ‘dangerous’.

Rezgar Nouri, 27, of Preston, and Mohammed Ibrahim, 24, of London, were jailed indeterminately after being convicted of assaulting the 24-year-old in Preston last June.

Sitting at the Court of Appeal, Lord Justice Hooper, Mr Justice Silber and Mr Justice Hamblen heard how the men ‘came across’ the woman before taking her to a flat where Ibrahim pinned her down while another man raped her.

'Not dangerous': Lord Justice Hooper, Mr Justice Silber and Mr Justice Hamblen at the Royal Courts of Justice there was 'insufficient evidence' that Nouri and Ibrahim should be defined as 'dangerous'Three appeal judges ruled there was ‘insufficient evidence’ that Nouri and Ibrahim should be defined as ‘dangerous’

After that, Ibrahim raped her before Nouri ‘grabbed’ her and ‘dragged’ her into a bedroom where he raped her, judges were told.

But today, despite the evidence, they ruled at the Royal Courts of Justice there was ‘insufficient evidence’ that Nouri and Ibrahim should be defined as ‘dangerous’.


They said Judge Anthony Russell QC had been wrong to decide that ‘imprisonment for public protection’ was necessary and hand down a jail sentence which gave the men no automatic right of release.

They allowed the men’s appeal against the imposition of an indeterminate sentence and instead handed each a 12-year term.

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13 Replies to “Pair who laughed as they raped woman they ‘came across’ in town centre have sentences CUT because they are not ‘dangerous’”

  1. I don’t think the vast majority of sex grooming cases are perpetrated by Pakistanis. Even on the basis of your own statistics it cannot be said that the majority are Pakistani. That is not to say there are no Pakistani predators, there definitely are, but the problem is not as endemic as you suggest. I think these predators looked for the most vulnerable girls in society. They wanted sex with any girls. I think there was no racial motive. I certainly don’t think there is a belief in the Pakistani community that nativ girls are lesser beings or deserve to be mistreated. There is no evidence what-so-ever to suggest that men in the Pakistani community target white girls just because they are white. I think predators target the most vulnerable girls who just so happen to be white. No one denies that there are some racist Pakistanis in Rochdale. Just as some nativ Brits think Pakistanis are inferior, there are also some Pakistanis who think that native Brits are inferior.

  2. Hello Ahmad,

    I see you are busy spreading Islamic propaganda and Tagiyya: The question i would like to ask you is – why would we belief you, WHY would we belief you?

    How do i know you are not lying, how do i know you didn’t secretly make use of under aged girls, how do i know you are not sitting down with your family every evening and talk racist about white people, how do i know you don’t say racist things in your head whenever a white person walks by? How do i know you are no a racist?

    Again – why would we belief you, why?

    Because the Muslims and Pakistani community have done absolutely nothing to earn OUR trust.

    Again – why would i no just outright assume that nearly every Muslim and Pakistani is a bigot, xenophobe and racist, after all you have done nothing to earn our trust.

    We? We gave you social support, housing, school projects, special holiday privileges, anti-discrimination laws – what are you going to give use, what are the Paki and Islamic communities going to do to earn our trust.

    What are you going to do?

    Because until YOU start begging use to forgive you, until you show use you feel ashamed at being a Muslim and a Pakistani, until you give your money to European heritage projects because you feel so ashamed at Islamic imperialism and Islamic crimes – you are a racist, bigot and a xenophobe and not to be trusted.

  3. To everyone who is interested – yes i am very serious – foreigners should pay a small tax that will be used to protect European heritage, including:

    Maintenance of churches, castles and other old buildings, musical ensembles (folk or classical), museums and libraries, research projects and archeological projects, the erection of statues and plaques, public education and special TV-programmes to eductate people about history.

  4. Look here my apologists for child raping vermin friend Iftkhar…
    you said, “I don’t think vast majority of sex grooming cases are perpetrated by Pakistanis”, but in the uk, that is the case, in france its “men of middle eastern appearance” I believe that is code for Moroccan or Algerian rodents, and in Germany its Turkish parasites.

    We have in our Judaeo Christian cultures other types of abuses, some are pretty bad, of course even one rape especially of a child is too many. But these are yours, take ownership of them, that’s the first step to resolving it.

    Tell me, the imam in your local mosque, when he tells them the women to “cover up” how does he describe a woman that’s uncovered? What message does that send to the men?

  5. IA is back with we are victims its not our fault. Amazing how you sleep at night.
    Or is he just winding us up???

  6. Iftikhar does not respond to posts. His main purpose is to disrupt, and above all to use the facilities provided by anti-Islamofascist blogs such as Vladtepes, to further the cause of Islam. Use the tools of Westerners to destroy the West sums up Islam.

    He is a parasite, just as Muslims are parasites on the West.

  7. A series of recent studies has shown the wave of migration under the last Labour government had no impact on unemployment, even among the least skilled. Nor did it significantly depress wages. Nor is Britain one of the world’s most densely populated nations.”
    Jonathan Portes of the National Institute for Economic and Social Research says that migrants do not take on low paid jobs, and that they do not drive down wages.

    Immigration has not spiralled out of control – unlike the ill-informed debate that surrounds it. For all the huffing and puffing in Westminster, migration is driven by economics, not politics, as demonstrated by the Migration Observatory at Oxford University. If people are flocking to Britain, it is a sign of comparative success; few of us would want to emulate Greece, which is bucking the European trend with “negative migration” at the moment.

    Migrant Muslims and other immigrants are here to stay just like everyone else, take a look at just how hard working many of them are and most are living a very good life because of their hard work, they often fill gaps for jobs that many British people don’t want to do and laziness doesn’t even come into it. Look up Black and Asian peoples contribution to this country, you won’t like what you read but it is fact many many are very successful and continue to excel in every way to better their life! Nothing will stop us from getting to the top, if you have a problem with that You deal with it, we are here to stay and if you don’t like it tough!

    A series of recent studies has shown the wave of migration under the last Labour government had no impact on unemployment, even among the least skilled. Nor did it significantly depress wages. Nor is Britain one of the world’s most densely populated nations.

    Meanwhile, immigrants disproportionately boost public finances. Foreign-born people pay the same taxes but are far less likely to claim benefits or use state services than natives. On top of this, immigrants are far more likely to start new firms or patent new inventions, things we need so desperately right now. It seems significant that in London – along with the south-east, the sole region contributing more to the national exchequer than it takes out – one-third of residents are foreign-born.

    The EU should make sure that its member states are multicultural to ensure the prosperity of the union, the UN’s special representative for migration has said. Peter Sutherland also suggested the UK government’s immigration policy had no basis in international law. He told the House of Lords committee migration was a ‘crucial dynamic for economic growth’ in some EU nations ‘however difficult it may be to explain this to the citizens of those states’. He said that an ageing or declining native population in countries like Germany or southern EU states was the ‘key argument and, I hesitate to the use word because people have attacked it, for the development of multicultural states’. He criticised the UK’s attempt to cut net migration from its current level to ‘tens of thousands’ a year through visa restrictions.

    Multiculturalism is not about integration but about cultural plurality. It is not about separation but about respect and the deepening awareness of Unity in Diversity. Each culture will maintain its own intrinsic value and at the same time would be expected to contribute to the benefit of the whole society. Multiculturalism can accommodate diversity of all kinds – cultural, philosophical and religious – so that we can create a world without conflict and strife. Britain can assume the role of accommodation and concern for all peoples, for our planet and indeed for our survival. We live in a rapidly changing world. If you attack the burqa, you attack the right of women to choose their own clothing. Respect the right of women how to dress.I respect women’s rights. Nobel Peace Prize winner “Tawakkul Karman,” ‘The mother of Yemen’s revolution,’ when asked about her Hijab by journalists and how it is not proportionate with her level of intellect and education, replied: “Man in early times was almost naked, and as his intellect evolved he started wearing clothes. What I am today and what I’m wearing represents the highest level of thought and civilization that man has achieved, and is not regressive. It’s the removal of clothes again that is a regression back to the ancient times. Veil is a sign of woman liberation from Current Naked liberalism, unethical fashion, social harassment, over consciousness about figure etc and become a sex icon and toy of the troy. In very cold winter people walk about with scarves tightly wrapped around their face. In those cases no security issue arises, but the wearing of burqa raises security concern. Burqa is worn as a matter of choice. Nowadays young women choose to wear full veil seeing it as a powerful statement of identity, The parliaments of various European countries are voting to legislate the banning of the veils, In Switzerland a ban on minarets was imposed. The campaign against Islamic symbols is on the rise because of a sense of insecurity in some Europeans. A ban on the burqa is bound to widen the differences rather than bridging them. It will just encourage discrimination against Muslims in European society.

  8. DP11:

    Yes exactly. I am trusting in the wit and wisdom and general reasoning ability of people who read this site to realize that Iftikhar’s posts provide rather excellent first hand evidence of exactly what this blog says about Islam and has been saying more or less since day 1.

    I find his posts invaluable even if infuriating and impossible to muddle through as to their constant self-contradictions and rapid, cognitive-dissonance causing sophistry. However, that kind of proof of the Islamic mind set now fueled by the tactics of the Frankfurt school left is great to see first hand. I wish a few more like him would post here.

  9. @ Ahmad

    Why would we belief what is written here is true? WHY?

    well, let me tell you my beliefs:

    1. The Labour, Christian-Democratic, Marxian, Social-democratic… etc and a large number of liberal and neoconservative parties are all corrupt and ideologically-fanatic and some are out-right evil.

    2. Any institution infiltrated by these forces like universities, government institutions and think-thanks share in this corruption and fanaticism.

    3. Therefor any study brought out by these institutions; even if they support my views are in doubt and most likely fueled by the same ideological fanaticism that moves most political parties in Europe.

    That means when a website, public forum, government institution or other source of media, that has been infiltrated by fanaticism; posts facts, opinions and statistics, i will automatically assume them to be either a falsification – for example in the case of statistics; the outliers have been removed, or the median is mentioned but not the average or vice versa.

    So you can do absolutely nothing to convert me to either Islam or the Left – because it’s all a question of belief. I don’t belief your rancid mixture of Socialism and Islam, i don’t belief the facts, ideas and theories you present here and i don’t belief the institutions that produced them are pure and free of fanaticism.

    Since your types won’t debate, strike up a friendship or financially support people like me – you can only use violence when conversion doesn’t work.

  10. Simple remedy. Find them. De-nut them! Then they won’t be dangerous at all thereafter! Praying to allass with a high pitched voice…but master…I have no balls!
    No matter…I’ll kiss them anyway!

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