In Melilla Spain, police have detained two spanish jihadists

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By Michael Laudahn

Those arrested were ready to attack in Spain. Particularly violent, according to sources close to the investigation, before killing the dissenters, they tortured them by burning their testicles.

2 spic tards

Interior minister Jorge Fernández Díaz explained that they are two adolescents aged 25 and 30, who dedicated themselves to grab islamists and train them in countries like Afghanistan. 


In Melilla, police have detained two spanish jihadistas, who formed part of a cell of especially radical orthodoxy, which in 2008 tortured and killed two dissenters in Nador (Morocco), according to an announcement by interior minister Jorge Fernández Díaz at the Congreso.

According to what the interior minister reported, they are two spanish youngsters aged 25 and 30, Rachid Abdellah Mohamed and Nabil Mohamed Chaib. They are being considered to be the authors of the killing of two members of the group who decided to leave the radical islamist cell and untie themselves from the strong, imposed religious orthodoxy. The bodies of the two dissenters were found in 2008 at Nador (Morocco), which had been tortured.

The investigation, in the framework of the Policía Nacional’s fight against terrorism of radical islamist origin has permitted their arrest in the Melilla quarter Cañada Real. From Melilla, the detainees led the group with international connections, dedicated to recruiting radical youngsters for education in training camps. This group was characterised by its marked closeness and for the adoption of strong internal security measures. Its members were forced to live a life of submission to the takfiri beliefs, which included separating from their families, abandon their studies or the prohibition to listen to music or watch television.

Since 2008, both detainees have been fugitives in various countries in Europe. An internationl arrest warrant issued by the moroccan authorities hovered over them. The terrorist group got its inspiration of the same doctrine as the Leganés suicides, and they could be ready to attack in Spain. The operation remains open, and searches of their residences continue, while they were handed over tonight to the Audiencia Nacional for judiciary disposition.

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  1. Youngsters – aged 25 and 30. Wow, what next, these youngsters tried in a children’s court? Or is this a translation error and should have been “young men”?

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