Another Canadian has his children taken away frivolously

We really did lose the cold war. Canada so desperately needs to get rid of most of the boards we have that govern every single aspect of our lives and we need to neuter most of the ones that remain.

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6 Replies to “Another Canadian has his children taken away frivolously”

  1. OMG! Don’t feel too bad Canada, we’re getting up to speed with NYC. Mayor Bloomin’idiotberg’s “Soda Jihad.”

  2. The Nanny State at its worst, you are allowed to do only what the left likes, eat only what the left likes, and live in the style the left approves. This is what is what the left wants to do to all of us.

    The left thinks that the kids belong to the state and should be raised by the state with no contact with their parents, welcome to the world that only a tyrant could like, much less love.

  3. If your wife can’t get the laundry together…. then get off the computer consol and do it!

    “well I did the washing up”

    Life is not the “fairness” game projected by politicians and the media to exploit and humiliate the successful; and in the home by feminists to degrade men into “I did this so you must do this next time.”

    The purpose of life is to support yourself and your family… whatever it takes. Pick up the slack with a cheerful counternance. It’s only for eighteen years.

    You married a shrew? So what? They nearly all are, programmed from birth by the West to be more equal: victim and positively discriminated. Despite layers of laquer, deep down this female is miserable because she can never be equal to any person who is self-inspired.

    So you comfort ate, and you distracted yourself with computer games.

    Face up to reality: your wife’s a bitch and your government’s a bitch.

    Save the first and you protect your family, save the latter and you save the country.

    Now you’re going to turn the very food that destroyed you, into a weapon-of-abstenence to attack them?

    Only the British Empire, (once with a sense of dignity and honor), capitulated to the Indians’ struggle for self-determination thru hunger strikes and peaceful protest. However, once free the Indians promptly caved in to the Muslims demand for fairness for a state of their own-kind-of-thinkers. The Mormons were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Hitler and Stalin will only laugh at you and watch you die, claiming you are insane with a belly ache, with a trumped up certificate to prove it.

    Mommies take all the praise and glory while their men stand back and do what is right.

    But you wanted to be a mommie too.

    By fasting all the toxins built into your fat due to years of eating junk food will suddenly be released into your bloodstream and will probably kill you.

  4. I have some advice for this man. He can remain as fat as he wishes and still have his kids. All he has to do is grow his beard, wear pajamas and slippers (a comfortable option for a big guy) and convert to Islam. Then he can claim Islamophobia.
    Quicker than you can say ‘open sesame’ he’ll have his kids back!

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