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7 Replies to “Can we have an honest discussion about race? Is it easier under Obama?”

  1. Needless to say, no constructive conversation about race and the problems that correlate with it can occur as long as the mere suggestion that such a conversation is desirable evokes immediate cries of “racism!” and thunderous denunciations of the suggester. Even though the denouncers and racism-shouters constitute a minority of the American people, they are a vociferous and powerful minority: powerful enough to strip a man of his livelihood, his family and friends, and in some cases even his life.

    To me, the most interesting aspect of the matter is the “doublethink” piece: that left-liberals can maintain piously that “there’s really no such thing as race” while vociferously supporting “affirmative action” laws and programs premised on race. (There’s also the advice given in this now-famous piece, which virtually every Caucasian-American parent will give to his children as soon as they get their hands on the car keys, but which liberals stoutly maintain is itself proof of its author’s innate racism.)

    At the outset, what matters are correlations, not causes. Correlations are the mandatory starting point for remediation and/or investigation. Whatever causes an investigation might settle on, the correlations point toward the locus of required action for study and eventual remediation. If violent criminality, or drug abuse, or fatherlessness — take your pick; any of these or several other race-correlated problems will serve — is a far more severe problem among Negroes than among Caucasians, then it’s clear that something that directly affects persons of the Negro race, quite possibly some public policy, is exacerbating the problem for that demographic.

    But none of this will be possible as long as men of good will are inhibited from addressing such matters openly.

  2. Black people allowed Obama to kill the civil rights movement. By their blind support of Obama, they ensured the mistrust for them by other groups for generations. Compound that with the entitlement mentality they allowed the Democrats to foster, they have stood by while their families have been decimated.

  3. Joy you haven’t seen the worst yet, the gangs of black kids and young adults that are waging race war in the big cities are a result of Obama and Holders refusal to enforce the laws when Blacks break them. They are going to turn violent when Obama loses the election.

  4. maybe, just maybe this is what the leaders want?

    the author made an interesting point, that -“if u can not talk about something that effect the black underclass, inevitably it spreads to the rest of society.”

    If many people (left?) don’t like their country to begin with, why would they want to fix that crack in the glass? Its like the perfect army. Better to let it spread until the whole thing shatters.

  5. Obviously, this is purely an left wing ideology. They thrive on the poverty industry and the idea that ‘The Government will look after you’ attitude. Don’t forget that we have the same problem in Canada with the aboriginal people. There is no reason why we should pump billions of dollars for them when no one wants to talk about the real issues affecting them – corruption, mismanagement and addictions. The left refuse to dialogue and when the conservative mention it, they are called racists. The problems will not be solved until the left smartens up.

  6. The screamers of “racism” belong to the church of Tim Wise. Tim Wise defines “racism”. He is a kind of Pope. But all these comments prove to the Left that Islamophobia is a form of Racism. Lawrence Auster over Allan West.

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