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4 Replies to “CBC: Well, one cannot accuse the CBC of being inconsistent…”

  1. I’m sick to death of my tax dollars going to this pathetic organization. All they do is twist the truth to suit their agenda. Write to your representatives and demand that the government stop funding the CBC.

    And yes OxAO it is definitely “criminal negligence”

  2. Quote: “We regret that error”. Ya, right! This was not an error but a twisted version of the news – very typical of the CBC. The fact is that the CBC got caught in an omission of the truth (one of many) and had no choice but try and tell the truth.

  3. I am sick of all of the leftist dominated MSM, this is what happens when you let one side gain control of the educational system.

    One of these days the truth will be known to the world.

    What you expect the MSM to admit that Israel is acting in self defense, they hate self defense (except when they are defending themselves).

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