Telford brothers ‘forced girls into prostitution’


Four teenage girls were sexually abused and forced into prostitution by two Shropshire brothers, a court has heard.

The jury was told the youngest girl, 13, was raped, and another was repeatedly sold as a prostitute, sometimes to four men at a time.

Ahdel Ali, 24, and Mubarek Ali, 29, both of Regent Street, Wellington deny a total of 26 charges.

The offences are alleged to have taken place from March 2008 to December 2009.

Opening the case for the prosecution at Stafford Crown Court, Deborah Gould said the four alleged victims, all from the Telford area, suffered from “an extraordinary lack of self-esteem”.

‘Forbidden fruits’

“The defendants recognised they had power over the girls they abused because the girls lacked self-esteem, self-respect and self confidence. They were easy prey,” she told the jury.

“Both were older than the girls and had the use of cars and money and gave the girls access to forbidden fruits – drink, drugs and sex.”

Ms Gould told the court the brothers used gifts, attention and pressure to persuade two of the girls to have sex with other men.

Ahdel Ali denies one count of rape, 11 charges of sexual activity with a child, three charges of controlling child prostitution, two of inciting child prostitution, an allegation of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and meeting a child after grooming.

Mubarek Ali has pleaded not guilty to four charges of controlling child prostitution, two of trafficking in the UK for sexual exploitation and a charge of causing child prostitution.

The trial is expected to last two months.

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8 Replies to “Telford brothers ‘forced girls into prostitution’”

  1. The Islimes up to their usual tricks as they follow the teachings of the religion of piss. Not even the prosecution have got the guts to admit that this is all part of Islamic teaching as the big cover-up for this inbred filth continues.

  2. Forcing girls is often justified by stating they were lose girls to begin with. But even then is making them work for you and taking their money a form of theft.

  3. This problem is very difficult to get a handle on purely because the children you are dealing with maybe disturbed or out of control and it is, I imagine, almost impossible to get them to stick to any curfews. Yes, these girls were not properly looked after and we need to take better care of these most vulnerable of children. However, ineffective social services should not be used as an excuse for what these vile men did. They are paedophiles who raped children. Let’s not forget that. It is the result of Family breakdown….fuelled by post-Christian secularism and PC evil government policies. The only families our establishement care about are….gay families. Where is the accountability of all those people from top to bottom whom WE pay to take care of these poor children..? None is ever taken to task over their failure to do their job properly. So, the number of incompetent workers who have been sacked is … none! How do these people get away with such total stupidity?

    Ofsted, Family Courts, Social Services????Don,t make me cry they are all rotten with political correctness, secrecy in order to hide their failings and pitfull excuses as to why the system is so bad. Liars, charlatans and arrogant freeloaders infest them all. The result is any good amongst them are smothered and kept quiet.

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