Kevin Freeman: Economic Terrorism

By now, most of what I post here is stuff people already know to one degree or another. Even the 10 part Frank Gaffney course, which is excellent, and everyone should have to see it in the same way we have to learn the times-tables, is largely known to us in the grand picture if not in the details.

I am pretty confident that this presentation will contain material you do not know for the most part.

Please crack a cold one and settle back for this important and shocking presentation…

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  1. Less than three minutes into this video, archived video of Rep. Paul Kanjorski describes events in the 2008 market collapse with the electronic draw down on money market accounts. Given the ‘electronic’ nature of this drawdown, there MUST BE existing records of each transaction and when/where exactly it started. Why was this never fully investigated?

  2. Wow, I had no idea this was going on. It’s an excellent video. If you still doubt that islam is at war with the West after viewing this, then you’re a fool who will soon be parted with his money , freedoms and cushy way of life…….maybe even his head. Pay attention folks.

  3. Kevin Freeman makes the point atapprox. the 30 minute mark that “There should be no doubt that risks remain in the system.”
    As true as that statement is, why aren’t these same weaknesses exploited AGAINST those who have already played us? Another way to put it, why is the current system playing defense/victim instead of aggressively exploiting the enemy who is equally/if not more vulnerable? Is it war or not?

  4. 14 trillion is a drop in the bucket for the total loses we have taken. When we took a 14 trillion loose place countries from all over the world did help us japan dumped one trillion into the US dollar. The British helped with 1/2 a trillion and so on. They need to keep the dollar stable.

    This guy is wrong on many accounts the Chinese are not doing as well as it is claimed.
    Also their property values just took a major dump worse then ours and it is taking place right now.

    Now here is something very important:

    Bank Of America Dumps $75 Trillion In Derivatives On U.S. Taxpayers With Federal Approval

    This was just BoA if you take into account the other bad loans it amounts to over $130 trillion. This is money that is goes to the dollar not our national debt.

    To give you a perspective on how much that is the total gross amount of money the US as a whole takes in is about 14 trillion per year and total amount of money the US government taxes and all other forms of money they take in is about 1.7 trillion per year.

  5. We have to trade oil for food. Most of OPEC cant feed themselves.

    If 1 barrel oil = 100$ then 100 kilo grain = 100 $.

    Lets use the same strategy against them as they do to us.

  6. Santor says:

    June 18, 2012 at 12:20 am

    Good idea. Better is it to threaten Muslims who use economic terrorism with eternal Hell. Christianity forbids lying. Everybody can check this in the Bible. The Islam allows lying. It is very hard to check the Koran and the Hadith. Even a Muslim cannot know all Hadith. He has to trust his cleric. It is very possible the cleric even forges Hadith.

  7. Muslims bitch about “exploitation” of the Third World by the West. They forget that the money “extracted” by “exploitation” is used to buy their oil and and give them welfare. God exists, and the Muslim will burn in Hell.

  8. As sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, the next attack is being planned and readied.
    I would expect that it might mirror the improvement that the second attack on the World Trade Towers was over the first attack.
    Seems like the stooges overseeing our security are also preparing just as they did for the second attack after experiencing the first.

  9. Why not use economic terrorism against Muslims? The only way to defeat economic terrorism is to drastically lower taxes. This will grow the economy, but it is totally against Keynesianism, so it won’t be implemented. Keynes is responsible for the fall of the West.
    On the other hand, if the economy grows, the shares of the oil sheiks will be worth more. This also works in reverse. If the economy of the West goes down, the shares and the bank accounts of the oil sheiks will be worth less.

  10. Excellent video. This should be spread all around by other blogs so more people are at least aware of how the markets can be manipulated by our enemies. The muslim nations on one side and communist China on the other.
    Don Laird’s link is good too and needs reading fully.

    BTW …. I tried 6 times with correct images and still shows error. I wonder if others too have this problem.

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