“A Rotting Corpse Which Is Poisoning Our Lives”

Gates of Vienna:

Don’t blame me — that’s what Kemal Atatürk, the founder of modern Turkey, said about Islam. If he were in 21st century Sweden, Mustapha Kemal would be charged with hets mot folkgrupp. If he were in Germany, it would “folk persecution”, the persecution of a people.

That’s what has been attempted against the writer Michael Stürzenberger. Up until now, the lawfare against him has failed. But the Guardians of Received Wisdom haven’t given up.

JLH has translated a report on the persecution of Mr. Stürzenberger, and includes this note:

Hard on the heels of the sinister threat of physical violence to Marc Doll, co-founder of Die Freiheit, here is a different story from across the country about another technique of intimidation — one we know well through Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff and others: what some call “lawfare” as warfare.

Michael Stürzenberger is an enthusiastic speaker for Freiheit and proponent of the petition for a plebiscite in Munich to prevent the building of a gigantic European Islamic center. At the failure of the first attempt to incriminate his speech, he talks about what is at stake and offers some vivid quotations from historic figures.

The translated article that was published last week in Politically Incorrect:

Research Paper — Investigation Halted

The Munich state attorney’s office has announced that it has ended the investigations occasioned by the complaint of the extreme leftist Dietmar Näher against independent journalist and PI author Michael Stürzenberger on suspicion of persecution of a people. Näher had made his complaint in October of last year, after Stürzenberger published his “Research Paper against Islam.” In the meantime, daily developments in Islamization seem to be slowly catching up with the paper.

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  1. Islam allows lying. The Koran is hard to check for non-Muslims as it is in Arabic. The same holds for the Hadith. Christianity doesn’t allow lying, and everybody can check this in the Bible. The Koran challenges non-Muslims to produce a sura that is better than the Koran. Such a sura exists:”Jesus defeated Satan at the Cross”.

  2. Islamic BS is easlily debunkable and not at all “hard to check for non-Muslims”, since multiple accurate translations of this cretinous muslim nonsense exist and are freely available.

    However, mr. Columnist, your constant tedious biblethumping adds nothing of intellectual value to our “infidel” counterjihadist cause and only makes rational intelligent honest people laugh at you, for a deranged theocratic crackpot that you clearly are.

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