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2 Replies to “Ezra Levant: “Arab Spring” now in France, Europe, Spain, the Vatican”

  1. Actually, Muslims have already destroyed the West. Islam can only defeated if we give up everything the Western society pretends to care about. Many Roman values in particular are poisonous. The Roman idea that sluts can be raped with impunity. The Roman idea that the children of a free man and a slave woman are slaves. The Roman idea of monogamy. All these have to be sacrificed if we want to destroy Islam. Nuking Mecca won’t do. The oil sheiks will become atheists, and will become even more vicious.

  2. We all knew the violence was going to start in Europe, what is surprising is that it took so long, it will get worse as the summer goes along and if/when Israel hits Iran things are going to get real bad.

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