7/7 Bomber Grave Vandalised

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The BBC reports that the grave of one of the 7/7 bombers, Hasib Hussain, has been vandalised. Apparently, his was one of a number of graves in the ‘Muslim section’ of Cottingley Cemetery that was vandalised and according to the BBC ‘had racist graffiti scrawled on it.’ Whether it did or not cannot be objectively ascertained, for the BBC deems criticism of an ideology – Islam – to be ‘racist’.

Hasib Hussain does not deserve to be remembered with fondness or with any degree of respect; his name should rather be execrated. He, along with his fellow bombers, took the conscious decision to kill and maim innocent people for no reason at all, and as such, the vandalism of his grave specifically does not cause any disquiet to me. It would be better had he possessed no grave at all, and whatever had remained of his body had been burned and the ash dumped far out at sea. Putting this aside, it is of course unacceptable that the graves of other Muslims in Cottingley Cemetery were vandalised, and the fact of their vandalism will understandably be painful to their family and loved ones. Such an action cannot be condoned. However, only two graves – one of which was Hussain’s – were damaged. West Yorkshire Police state that:

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5 Replies to “7/7 Bomber Grave Vandalised”

  1. Strange isn’t it, whenever one of our peaceful Muslim brothers misunderstands his religion, after years and years of peaceful indoctrination, various Imams and sundry peace loving hippie type Muslims put down their guitars and bunches and of flowers and say this is against Islam and contrary to the benevolent teaching of the last and great prophet; these people were not true Muslims as the mantra goes.
    What puzzles me is Muslims, usually so prickly and quick to take offense at perceived insults to their beautifully serene religion, allow these people to be buried in a Muslim cemetery with due Muslim ceremony, when apparently they’re not Muslims at all?
    How could this be, someone somewhere is being untruthful, who could it be?

  2. Muslims are, on average dark-skinned. So in Leftist logic, hating Muslims is racist. As long as the West believes the Holocaust was caused by racism instead of monogamy and animal rights, the West is powerless against Islam.

  3. That grave would make a magnificent dog toilet… Why don’t they bring it to France, and put it in a sidewalk? It’d be sure to be constantly stepped on by infidel shoes AND be covered in huge amounts of dog crap. There is no more adequate way for such scum to have a final resting place, and it’s sickening to see any authorities on this planet show concerned about the amount of respect it gets from the rest of us.

  4. I remember hearing about grave yards in the Balkans where the Moslems destroyed the headstones because headstones are unislamic. Could this be some Moslems being agents provocateurs?

    The Nazi’s were the beginning of the free love movement, they weren’t into monogamy.

  5. Regarding what the BBC reports, tonight, on the World Service, was the first time they reported about the violence in northern Nigeria – saying that muslims are being attacked by Christians. At the end of the totally biased and misleading piece, The man said very sulkily: “mozlems have been known to take violent action against Christians”!! Not mentioning that they had attacked the Christians first and burned their churches, shooting as people fled!!

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