Is it my imagination? Or is this unusual?

Someone needs to do a real study on this. In less than 24 hours after this awful triple murder, the suspect was named, his picture shown, and his car described including the licence plate number. This person is white with a classic Anglo name. It seems to me when the Toronto Eatons centre shooter, of whom there was numerous videos taken at the time, was not identified even though the police knew who he was immediately, as he was in fact already in a prison half-way house on other sexual assault charges.

Someone really should do a real study on this. It certainly appears there is a strong racial and cultural bias in the way criminals are presented by Canada’s media and police forces.

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  1. It’s NOT your imagination. If the person is non-white every measure is taken to protect his identity until authorities are forced to reveal it. If the person is white then it’s a no holds barred sharing of all information as soon as possible. There’s one law for people of color & non-Christians and another for white Christians and this needs to STOP now.

  2. But don’t you know whites have white privilege? Non-whites cannot get jobs, so they are always innocent oppressed victims. This is, however, their own fault. They do not attack the business men that deny them jobs. The capitalist denies the person of color a good job, and the person of color vents his rage on common whites. As long as common whites defend capitalism, they are digging their own grave. My religion breaks the power of the businessmen, by introducing a guaranteed minimum income. If the capitalists try to erode this guaranteed minimum income by inflation, they are following the laws of the market, not the laws of God. By pretending the laws of the market are absolutes, they deny their own free will, and can lawfully be killed. This isn’t Communism, as my system believes in the existence of a free will, as well as a God that will send the capitalist to eternal hell. The laws of the market are the laws of their own egoism.

  3. Yup, just waiting for the identification of the hidious crime against twins here in Edmonton, the media has described them initially, by a neighbor as immigrants who couldn’t speak much English, but then later, due to the censorship of all Edmonton broadcasting the couple now under arrest, for horendous crimes against two female twins, one almost dead, under age of two, screams often heard of the children somehow, they can’t be identified, and the reporters now have described the man as a great guy, well educated, praised by his work buddies….. June 19th to appear in court here in edmonton, trailer trash sociopaths occur in all cultures, but as we know the primitive cultures abound with human rights violations…
    Yes, cacazoids are always identified…..

  4. Columnist,

    “guaranteed minimum income” = marxism

    that’s why you use the term “Capitalism” (marx term), instead of FREE MARKET

    you are transparent to me

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