Shock waves spreading after SD’s 10 percent poll results



Translation and HT Michael Laudahn

[Sweden Democrats: ]

WIN-WIN SITUATION: First it was [prime minister] Fredrik Reinfeldt, who suddenly decided to be frank on the issue of who are behind the majority of Sweden’s unemployment (for then, moreover, becoming even more clear with regard to the swedish immigration’s effect on unemployment and exclusion). Then it was Folkpartiet who felt forced to a reprise of its well-proven parade shtick to publish a debate article, where they present the SwedenDemocrates political proposals as their own, featuring Nyamko Sabuni as a multicultural alibi and bling-bling. The maybe most surprising initiative so far, however, came today, when a highly profiled SD [socialdemocrates] blogger expressly admitted that:

‘We social democrates cannot continue the political line represented by primarily Mona Sahlin, eagerly supported by Aftonbladet’s leading-article editors, as well as Expo.’

‘This puts a finger on an abscess of socialdemocracy. We do not have a good policy. That is, we do not have any comprehensible policy at all on this red hot subject.’

The cold-feet epidemic within sjuklövern [‘seven-leaf clover’, Sweden’s 7 system parties, since the autumn 2010 Riksdag elections confronted by 20 SD members = 5.7 %] starts to spread in a more and more uncontrolled fashion, after Sverigedemokraterna recently had received around 10 % in several independent opinion polls. One after another, the parties now send out their biggest vote trawlers towards the reality-based waters, against whose obscurity and ordinary visitors they normally use to be up in arms – in high volume and irreconcilably.

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