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5 Replies to “Nigel Farage: The Genius of Mutual Indebtedness”

  1. Amazing how the fat slouching slobs still loll there smirking after that delivery. Probably none of them could follow the maths of it anyway.

  2. Nigel Farage has the respect of any free thinking common sense financially responsible voter. My hat’s off to you sir.

  3. Nigel is an optimists, things are worse then he is saying, the crisis isn’t just in Europe but in every nation on earth.

  4. How te French would say, paraphrazed: “Cherchez les bankers”
    So when the trouble arises “cherchez la femme” . Anyway, take the banks away and remove the politicians from the equation and the problem is solved.
    Did you ever ask yourselves, if all the money nations owe at any moment in time is returned to the lenders, who exactly gets these money?

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