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3 Replies to “One for the good guys”

  1. Here are the email addresses of decent men and women, the council of Saint Anthony Village, who looked islamists in the face and said…..NO!….NO!!….NO!!!!

    Please send them a note of thanks…..I did…….and as Wilfred Brimley used to say about oatmeal…..”Its the right thing to do”……






    Here’s a few words I sent…….

    TO: The City Council of Saint Anthony Village, MN, USA

    Hello to you all……

    I watched as events unfolded in your small village, a microcosm of the same difficulties the entire Western world is facing.

    I was not the only one who was watching, so too were all your ancestors, those who have given the lives to the cause of freedom.

    So too were all those men and women who elected you. So too were the brave people of Kansas and other states who have stopped Sharia Law in its tracks.

    So too were millions and millions of your countrymen and millions of Canadians. So too were millions of souls across Europe.

    So too were the watchful eyes of those children in the entire free world, yet to be born, who look to you for a world free of black-hearted totalitarian tyranny, islam, that comes wrapped in the robes of religious freedom.

    And you were magnificent…..each and every one of you. The voters and your fellow countrymen, nay, the entire free world, placed a burden on your collective shoulders and you were brave and magnificent in your acquittal of that burden……..to each of you…….Bravo!!!!

    Now, as expected, the terrorist front group CAIR will engage in its stock in trade, the terrorism of lawfare……and I ask you to grit your teeth, look them, each and every one, straight in the eye and without flinching…..point to the line in the sand you have drawn and dare them to cross it. Stay the course!!!!

    In closing, it is the bravery of men and women like yourselves that will turn the tide of mindless 7th century dogma. It is the bravery of men and women like yourselves that tells islam that the hard won freedoms, rights, protections and privileges of the greatest republic in the history of Mankind are not for sale and are not to be twisted and abused to suit a political ideology that seeks to turn back the progress of humanity and civilization.

    From a very grateful Canadian, God bless each and every one of you.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. This is a victory but the war is not over. Stay alert and learn from what is happening in Dearborn Michigan. Simply put, Islam is not compatible with the Western way of life.

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