Baroness Warsi and the ‘extremist’


Baroness Warsi, the Conservative Party chairman, faces fresh questions over her business partner.

Baroness Warsi, the Conservative Party chairman, faces fresh questions over her business partner.

The current investigation into Lady Warsi is being carried out by Sir Alex Allan, the Prime Minister’s adviser on the ministerial code, into the disclosure that company documents showed she was the majority shareholder in Rupert’s Recipes, a spice company whose other shareholder was Mr Hussain Photo: Rex

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9:00PM BST 09 Jun 2012

The peer is under investigation over her undeclared links to Abid Hussain, a relative by marriage with whom she is involved in a catering business.

However, there were calls last week for the inquiry, ordered by David Cameron, the Prime Minister, to be widened after Mr Hussain admitted that he had been involved in Hizb ut-Tahrir, a radical Islamist party that the Conservatives had pledged to ban.

In his first public statement, Mr Hussain said that he had attended its meetings, although he said he had never been a “member”, and had not told Lady Warsi about his involvement.

She has previously said she was unaware of his activities.

There were also questions over one of the trips to Pakistan by Lady Warsi on which she was accompanied by Mr Hussain.

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4 Replies to “Baroness Warsi and the ‘extremist’”

  1. Tory Party co-chairman Baroness Warsi was urged to resign” – RESIGN , as co-chairman of the party , if these allegations are proven she should be sacked , stripped of her title and sent to prison . This Conservative party is proving to be the most corrupt in the history of British politics and no doubt if the other set of traitors on the opposition benches were in power they would be just as bad. LibLabCon , career politicians the lot of em , with not a thought for the country and it’s people. Why do we as a nation put up with it , nay even worse keep voting them in . Throw the lot of them out , have a general election , cut politicians wages by 50% , bring in voter recall and make it law that anyone with a degree in politics or who has never had a proper job is barred from office or the civil service , then and only then might we get people with a sense of duty running for office.

    Surprise Surprise, another MP who can’t remember anything about the claim and it must be an oversight. Nothing supprise me anymore with stories about Government members or the Lords. Just a few words comes to mind FIDDLING EXPENSIVES. How can anyone forget for a year at least that you are getting income from a property. If she still insist that it is an oversight then her intelligence has to be questioned. She is a thieving oik and should step down.She is a disgrace to the Lords,Tories,Taxpayers and the Koran. Thieves in strict Islamic countries have their hands chopped off! In UK they have an Inquiry and then a slap on the wrist with a very wet and overused bus ticket. Fire her Cameron. She urged Muslim leaders to get to grips with the issue of sex grooming, saying a small minority of Pakistani men see white women as “third-class citizens” and “fair game”. The mother-of-one, who divorced her first husband following a 17-year marriage in 2007, has been named one of the world’s “500 Most Influential Muslims” and also has topped the UK’s Muslim women power list.

    This woman is in the right place where she works she is in the House of Crooks thats why she thought she could get away with it, there is more crooks in the House of Crooks then there is in Wormwood Scrubs Prison. Any person working for the goverment in any department caught with there fingers in the till should be sacked and any titles they have stripped, this woman as been caught twice once with expences and again with not declaring the rented properties she has.

    These people are supposed to be clever intelligent people and they can add up but yet again we have another Tory MP that just doesn’t seem to understand what they have done wrong. At any other job they would be sacked without a second thought by their peers and give their P45. I am so sick of greed in public life. All these minor crooks should lose their titles . I thought she would be above little fiddles like this . How petty when they earn so much more than the average worker . It is disgusting to see these people who are supposed to set an example to the rest of us caught out fiddling expenses . Another failure of Cameron to pick the right people. can this man do any single thing right !!!!!!

    One of David Cameron’s pre-election pledges was to “clean up politics”, yet – now more than two years down the line – the stench from the Westminster cesspit persists. He could begin the “clean up” by kicking Warsi out of the house of lords, together with Taylor, Hanningfield, Uddin, Paul and all the other ignoble members who are making false claims for “expenses”. Warsi has never been elected but is known to travel extensively on parliamentary funded “missions”. Her “ennoblement” is an insult to the electorate of Dewsbury, and the ease with which she is able to make bogus claims for “expenses” an insult to tax payers.

    For well over a year now, this pious woman has been a regular on the Question Time panel, and she sits there with her nose in the air talking in her “holyer than thou” manner. She regularly calls for her fellow members of parliament who “forget” to declare incomes etc to resign or give up their titles …. i sincerley hope this odiuos woman now falls on her own sword, and quits, whilst giving up the Baroness title. How DARE she sit in judgment on the other MP’s when all along she was doing the exact same thing!!

    If someone is claiming housing benefit to pay rent, and is pocketing the rent because they are actually living rent free then that constitutes a crime ie: benefit fraud. So what is the difference between this and what Baroness Warsi is alleged to have done? No doubt she’ll just join the rest of the ones caught stealing who DIDN’T go to jail. If she really claimed £165 a night while staying free with a friend , she should be jailed and healthily fine.

    This woman should be prosecuted under section 2 of the Fraud Act 2006, if any street beggar were to shoplift a loaf of bread he would be in court, so why should she be able steal £165 over and over and not be charged. She has not electorate to represent as she has never been elected, so why does she have to have two residences at taxpayers expense. More than a million people who are employed in London have to commute long distances each day and night to get to work as they cannot afford to live in London. These hard working people cannot even claim their massive transport cost of their tax, so why are these politicians allowed not only free trains but also £165 per night for accommodation: they should pay to get to work like the rest of us, and should not be able to claim any expenses of their taxes like the rest of us. The UK is more corrupt than China and other countries that it likes to call corrupt. When we do it they call it theft or fraud or cheating. But when politicians do it they call it an oversight or a mistake.

    More importantly Cameron & Warsi were very insistent about underlining the importance of transparency and integrity. How the Conservatives have severely devalued both ‘transparency’ and ‘integrity’ is absolutely shocking. Warsi should be sacked …but then again what does she know as co-chairman about Hunt & Cameron’s circle with News International? Cameron’s judgment will prove to be his undoing!

    How can anyone expect her to resign? She is no different from the rest of them, they are ALL thieving corrupt and immoral. The only thing any MP thinks about is lining their pockets. If they were treated the same as common criminals, which they are, (worse in fact) most, if not all, would be in prison.

  2. For once the troll says something I agree with, she should be arrested, tried, and convicted then sent to the pen.

  3. “She urged Muslim leaders to get to grips with the issue of sex grooming, saying a small minority of Pakistani men see white women as “third-class citizens” and “fair game”.”

    That is very brave of her. We could overlook her thieving.

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