Father of Toulouse shooter Mohamed Merah files murder lawsuit


The father of the al-Qaeda-inspired gunman Mohamed Merah went on a killin spree in France before being shot dead by police, has filed a murder suit in Paris, his lawyers said Monday.

Prosecutor confirms jihadist was shot in head

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A masked French SWAT team slipped into the apartment Photo: AFP/GETTY

3:32PM BST 11 Jun 2012

Mohamed Benalel Merah said in March that he wanted to sue the RAID elite police unit that shot dead his son on March 22 during a shoot-out at the end of a 32-hour siege at his flat in the southern French city.

The 23-year-old had shot dead three soldiers, and three children and a teacher at a Jewish school, in a wave of killings that shocked the country.

He filmed himself carrying out the attacks and reportedly confessed to police before he was shot dead.

“This is a suit against unnamed persons for murder with aggravating circumstances concerning those who gave the orders at the top of the police” during the assault on Merah’s flat in Toulouse, said lawyer Isabelle Coutant-Peyre.

“You’ve got 300 to 400 heavily armed people and a guy shut up all alone in his apartment. That alone is enough to raise questions,” said Ms Coutant-Peyre, who is part of Merah’s legal team headed by Algerian lawyer Zahia Mokhtari.

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  1. The families of the victims should sue the crap out of this jihadist bastard for intentionally bringing the little dead bastard up to be a terrorist.

    If you successfully sue a Europian muslim does that mean you get all their wellfare checks?

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