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7 Replies to “John Robson on the U.N.”

  1. Yes the UN has become irrelevant. The Security Council is an insult. Australia for example has provided peacekeeps for virtually every situation on the planet in the last 60 years and is only an occasional member of the Security Council. Whereas China and USSR/Russia have always been permanent members. I understand the rationale behind their membership, however – bullshit! They contribute nothing except veto’s to protect their sychophants… Fuck them off! They need to either get on board or get out of the way!

  2. There is a massive economic crash coming in the near future, during the chaos that is going to follow the crash the UN will cease to exist, unfortunately some of their worst programs will probably survive to continue to haunt us.

  3. Thier worst programs are connected to the values that lead to the civil war in Syria. If the UN doesn’t give up these programs, the crisis and the civil war in Syria will become worse and worse.

  4. Sadly the UN is well past its use by date… There are now two irrevocable battle lines – the West vs 7th Century Islam.

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