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11 Replies to “Spain asks the US for a bail out. US says no.”

  1. I hate to say it but turning them down is the best thing to do, 1) the US doesn’t have the money to bail out anyone, 2) no matter what is done an economic crash is coming all bailing out Spain and the other countries does is delay the crash and make it worse when it finally happens. The longer the crash is delayed the further things are going to fall.

  2. The only way the crisis can be ended is when bankers forgive Europe its debt. If they don’t, they will burn in hell. The proof of my truth is the fact that Israel destroys itself. It allows the Ultra-Orthodox to breed like a cancer.

  3. So, let me get this straight. They, the Lazy Beggers, want me and others who (actually) work and EARN our livings, to support them while they do nothing but drink and smoke up. Oh wait, one of them is reading a book! Perhaps then, they could learn to spell “beggArs”. Excuse me while I …..

  4. Maybe they were right to turn Spain down. It’s just a pity that they can’t learn to turn down much filthier beggars such as Pakistan.

  5. We can’t afford it. And we should stop giving money to countries that hate us. Let China do it. They want to be players, they have no problem playing hardball, and the weather blows in their direction from those countries. They have plenty of cannon fodder; they could easily defeat the whiners. It would keep them busy and give them a reason to spend.

  6. Joy don’t believe what the media is telling you about China, their economy is one of the weakest in the world, they play accounting tricks that would get you put in prison in the US to make it look like they are doing good. 1) They don’t have enough people with enough money to have an internal driven economy, they are export driven. 2) Export driven economies have to sell overseas to continue growing or maintain their levels. 3) The West, Japan, South America, Europe and North America are all in recession (yes I know about the lies, the only reason they can claim we came out of the recession is by cherry picking the data to use in their calculations) nations in recession don’t import as much, in fact they cut their imports drastically.

    The above is also why China will never try and collect more then interest on the loans to the US and Europe, they printed the money (fiat money) to buy the bonds and are praying that either the US or Europe, or even better both manage a financial miracle and pull the world out of this mess. Since the mess was created by socialist programs and deficit spending and all parties are insisting on more deficit spending and higher taxes that destroy the private sector that miracle isn’t going to happen.

    As Winston Churchill ask, name me one nation that borrowed its way to prosperity.

  7. I apologize for leaving that portion of the problem out of my comment, I forget that a lot of people don’t know the facts. The normal ratio of man and woman is 1.2 women for every man, in China it is 5 men for every woman. India has the same problem to a lesser degree and all western nations with abortion on demand are in the beginning of a similar crisis. This is a subject the left doesn’t want us to know about.

  8. I didn’t know things were that bad in China. It is refreshing to hear that Judaism explicitly forbids skewing the sex ratio. If other people were just as wise.

  9. Christianity does also, but in our Western nations the left has managed to remove those restrictions from the legal code. The good news is that this means the liberals are becoming a minority since they have the abortions, this is called the Roe effect.

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