European football championship: The left says no to the german flag

Commies are out in force telling people how they may, and may not identify themselves. This needs to be nipped in the bud, like other pernicious and fascist tendencies, if left unchecked, results in real horror in the long term. One way or the other.

Thank you Hermes for your translation as well as your diligence.

From this website:


Unfortunately the red-white-red flags are lacking from cars at the ongoing European football championship. The reason for this is not the lack of patriotism, for we (Austrians) are condemned to just watch it on TV.

In Germany this is completely different – our northern neighbor is as always joint favorite for the European championship title and many germans also decorate their cars this year with the german flag:

It’s typical of Germans – many lefties disapprove of showing this patriotism. There are many photos on the internet about an action in which unknown people furiously break away flags from the cars. Here you can read their reasons for this:


(text of note left on German car below)

Dear car driver (m/f)

I have taken away your german flag. No matter why you have attached this flag (to your car), this gives way in any case to nationalism.

no? of course it does!

This flag does not represent football or any team, but german identity.

Spare yourself your money, us the work and nature the rubbish, and do not replace it for a new one!


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  1. Fortunately the left is losing power, not quickly not everywhere but losing it, hopefully they will lose it quickly enough to stop the collapse of civilization. Personally I doubt this will happen quickly enough but it may.

  2. Germany is one of the core nations in the family of countries called Western civilization, the horrors of the nazi era cannot erase all the contributions the German peoples have made to our Culture. The same German people have well paid for their countries part in the war, even more considering most of them were not alive at the time. Germans are my brothers and sisters in Western civilization, and are as entitled to pride in their country as any other. For any of them or others to suggest otherwise is to indulge in the grossest form neurotic guilt complex, or attempt practice of a manipulative guilt-trip.

  3. Germany is home to one of the most fierce Anti-Nationalist Leftists, that is, the Anti-Germans. Ironically, many Anti-Germans are critical of Islam themselves. German pride prevents them from learning Turkish. Learning Turkish is very useful in fighting Islam.

  4. Cameron during WWII the vast majority of people refused to believe the stories about the death camps because Germany had contributed so much to our culture, after WWII the people who wanted to punish Germany sided with the left to keep Germany down and to try and erase the German identity. Now we in the west are paying the price for this.

  5. Typical Lefties, steal other people’s property and think that they are justified in doing so (just like Muslims). Why are these people not being arrested for theft?

  6. Not to mention vandalism, which in this case, is the greater crime. Actually in Canada this might be considered terrorism. It is a crime against individuals for political reasons and threatening more crime if the person doesn’t obey the directive and continues to show a politic that the terrorist doesn’t like.

    I would throw the book at them.

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