Sharia4Belgium:”We muslims have not even a gram of respect towards you infidels”


Translated by Hermes:

From Digital Minute

Joelle Milquet, the Belgian federal interior minister vowed to punish the “unacceptable and utterly astonishing” declarations of the representatives from the radical islamist group “Sharia4Belgium” made in a press conference in which they justified the behavior of one of its members which injured  a female police officer after having refused to unveil herself. The Molenbeek neighborhood in Brussels, which is populated by an important muslim immigrant community, has returned to normality after the severe incidents which took place there last thursday, and which made authorities declare a curfew.

The minister Milquet declared that “beyond this unacceptable happenings, the unbelievable declarations made during the demonstration, the press conference and in the video made public are unacceptable and deeply condemnable”. Fouad Belkace, the spokesperson for this extremist organization declared that he was proud of Stephanie’s attitude, a converted Belgian who refused to unveil herself when asked to do so by the police officer, because the wearing of the Niqab or any other article of clothing covering the face of a person is forbidden (in Belgium)

Belkace even said that “given the fact that western women want to show themselves just as objects of desire, the officer with the broken nose could take advantage of the situation and undergo plastic surgery”, and “she would have broken her spine if God had wanted it so”. The press conference of the organization was sprinkled with declarations like “we muslims have not even a gram of respect towards you infidels nor your way of life, because our religion is superior to yours.”

According to Milquet, these statements “will have consequences”, for “justice is doing its job”, and meanwhile the security forces “will strengthen their fight against radicalism”, for which she foresees the introduction of a “specific plan.”

The problem is that the incident could have political implications intertwined in all directions. A socialist deputy of Brussels from Moroccan origin, Jamal Ikazban, has denounced in the press that the happenings are “due to provocations from both sides”, but in fact liberals, which are at the opposition side in Molembeek, have blamed socialists for their failed integration policies. On thursday, a gossip about a muslim woman who had allegedly been raped began to circulate during the incident with the police, and this created a sudden demonstration against which five police squads, 2 water cannons and a helicopter had to be deployed in order to contain the crowds.


Translation of video: Michael Laudahn

From this website:

Sharia4Belgium expands to Brussels

Now the Sharia4Belgium moslem extremists try to expand their action territory from Antwerp to Brussels. This is being stated by police and justice, after several days of disturbance in the Brussels municipality Sint-Jans-Molenbeek. Last night, new fights erupted when police wanted to control the identity of a number of suspects.

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8 Replies to “Sharia4Belgium:”We muslims have not even a gram of respect towards you infidels””

  1. Guess what Muslim scumbags, I don’t even have one gram of respect for you either, so stick that up your camel’s arse!

  2. That the police even so much has the balls to reinforce the burqa law, comes as quite a surprise; that it is precisely in Sint-Jans-Molenbeek, the municipality of Parti Socialiste mayor Moureaux, who, it is whispered, allegedly has conflicts of interest with muslim extremist milieus; a man who orders his cops not to eat in plain view on the streets during ramadam; is altogether highly suspicious. (Moureaux, a 70 something year old, married a 30 something year old moroccan a couple of years back; i guess this fact alone sufficiently brushes the telltale portrait of a collaborator).

  3. Yo tampoco tengo un apice de respeto hacia la sucia escoria que son los paganos musulmanes ni hacia ese asqueroso y repulsivo culto maligno conocido como islam.

    Ellos creen que el ser humano no sabe como lidiar con chuzma como los musulmanes. Ver unas cuantas gotas de su sucia sangre derramada en el suelo, seran suficientes para ilustrar una leccion que esos cobardes musulmanes nunca olvidaran.

    Yo deseo que sean enviados con alah lo mas pronto posible, al infierno, donde ese dios hecho por el hombre aguarda junto con el criminal conocido como (falso) profeta mahoma (muhammad).

  4. Muslims have to force their women not to become objects of desire. They may so otherwise, but the truth of my words is proven by the civil war in Syria. The lying of the Muslim destroys trust, and makes peace impossible.

  5. Of course, the governments start to discover that. My mind-virus infected the Muslims, they become weak. The goverments understand that allying yourself to Islam, a highly self-destructive religion, will mean self-destruction for them, too. Either the governments all over the world start to persecute Islam with vengeance, or they will destroy themselves. After all, Allah hates governments. Allah thinks only Allah has the right to make laws. Big, totalitarian governments and Islam are natural enemies. In time, even the Saudi king will understand that if he wants to keep his comfortable lifestyle and his power, he will have to crush Islam. He doesn’t need Islam. Governments all over the world can keep people down without using Islam. Only a weak ruler needs Islam to keep his populace in check. Islam destabilizes Saudi-Arabia. Unless Islam is eradicated, civil war is very likely.

  6. It’s just all so lame “public prosecuter going to begin an investigation into sharia4Belgium”.
    Get real Belgium! Take control of your country and get these Islam loving throwbacks and traitors out.

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