Tory peer Baroness Warsi and her secret business

The Telegraph: 

Baroness Warsi, the Conservative Party chairman, faces damaging new questions over her business dealings.

Baroness Warsi, who faces two separate inquiries

Baroness Warsi, who faces two separate inquiries Photo: Andrew Parsons/i-Images

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9:00PM BST 02 Jun 2012

A Sunday Telegraph investigation has uncovered that she has never registered a controlling stake in a spice manufacturing firm with the House of Lords authorities.

The disclosure appears to be in breach of rules that order peers to declare their business interests, particularly if they are the principal shareholders in a company.

It follows Lady Warsi’s admission last week that she failed to declare rental income from a property she owned.

The peer claimed the issue of the rent was “an oversight”. However, her stake in a company, Rupert’s Recipes, the existence of which has never been declared, raises significant questions over her judgment. Labour said she had urgent questions to answer.

The Sunday Telegraph investigation also found that:

* Lady Warsi’s business partner, Abid Hussain, accompanied her on a ministerial trip to Pakistan where he met leading politicians;

* Mr Hussain has been a leading member of Hizb ut Tahrir, the radical Islamic group the Tories promised to ban while in opposition;

* It is unclear if Mr Hussain was subjected to security vetting before accompanying the peer to Pakistan;

* Lady Warsi has been on 17 foreign trips while in office, even though her role as party chairman is to foster relations with grassroots members.

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  1. Politicians are the same allover, their attempts to break the law are simple oversights, oversights that would get one of us thrown into the pen.

  2. My religion will break her down. If my religion becomes popular, Pakistani women will be fair game to White men. She will be punished for her crimes. The Muslim world order is unraveling in Syria. Islam will not be able to protect her.

  3. On the other hand, she wanted to protect British girls from grooming, and this is very good. She will be rewarded for her virtues, and my religion will be able to protect her.

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