Australian Senator wants Muslim immigration ban

Now this is at least, a sensible, peaceful, reasonable response to reality. It stuns me that there is only ONE person in the Western world capable of seeing the horrifyingly, blindingly, bleedingly obvious. Even Canada has done nothing to slow or stop or even suggest we should look at Islamic immigration.

H/T Winds of Jihad for this one.


A call for a ten year ban on Muslim immigration to Australia from Senator Gary Humphries has everyone talking. David Oldfield on the controversial petition and the call for changes to our immigration policy. Have Your Say!

Senator Barnaby Joyce tells Michael Smith he’d ban all immigration, and responds to the petition from Senator Gary Humphries for a ten year ban on Muslim immigration – Listen to Interview Here


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9 Replies to “Australian Senator wants Muslim immigration ban”

  1. said, “It stuns me that there is only ONE person in the Western world capable of seeing the horrifyingly, blindingly, bleedingly obvious. ”

    Who is Geert wilders then?

    There isn’t enough that is true

  2. The Muslim will say the White man took the land of the Aboriginal. According to Christianity, taking Australia was very wrong. Only when Australia gives up its Christianity and especially the silly Golden Rule, can it survive. My religion is utterly superior to Christianity.

  3. Raoul I just found that out too whilst searching it as there was nothing on the 2UE web site. Contact Sheil Yermami. I think you have his email address.

  4. The only thing can thwart his plans is an Aboriginal-Muslim alliance. But this again can be thwarted by asking the Aboriginal why he does allow the Muslim on his lands. Then his true face will come true. He will show his racist hatred of the White immigrant. If he says only Whites can be racist, the question arises why White people should be bothered about racism. The Aboriginal will quote Judeo-Christian morality. But the Judeo-Christian moral order breaks down in Syria. Judaism and Christianity are morally allied to Islam. They will be destroyed together with it. As long as Australia stays Christian, it stays weak.

  5. We need action not just talk. Kelvin Thompson and Cory Bernardi have also spoken out against muslim immigration. It is not only muslim immigration that needs a moratorium but also all third world immigration.

    The Immigration Restrictions Act served Australia well for over 70 years until both Labor and Liberal parties tinkered with it and opened the doors to incompatible migrants.

    It’s in the interest of the nation to return to a sensible immigration policy that favours traditional sources of migrants and ‘yes’ that means discriminating against welfare seeking muslims and the like to preseve our nation.

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