Islamic Sharia is a threat to Canadian society. Mark Harding

Pakistan Christian Post:

Last year I stood at Bay and Queen Streets in Toronto on Canada Day, to support Israel. But I also stood there in support of the Hudson Bay Stores whose head office is right there. The Hudson Bay Stores were given an ultimatum by Muslim groups in Canada that demanded the Hudson Bay Stores STOP caring products made in Israel. Thankfully, the Hudson Bay Stores chose to stand up for and with Israel.

As well, Islam teaches to kill Christians and Jews in Islamic societies and it is the main reason for my stand against Islam and its barbaric teachings.

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8 Replies to “Islamic Sharia is a threat to Canadian society. Mark Harding”

  1. Muslims claim its “barbaric” teachings prevent crime, but they are hypocrites. They go to non-Muslim countries to commit their crimes. Only when the Muslim who steals from a non-Muslim has his right hand cut off, order can be restored. Taste of their own medicine. The moral superiority of my teachings is proven by the civil war in Syria. The dual morality of Muslims makes peace impossible. If the Muslim doesn’t take heed, it is likely there will be civil war in Iran and Saudi-Arabia. Fracturing of society is unavoidable.

  2. Let the idiots try and boycott Israeli goods if they want to. No more mobile phones or laptops anymore and that’s just for starters.
    I decided a long time ago to boycott products invented by Muslims, the laziest and most effortless decision that I ever made.
    No change at all!

  3. Islamic Sharia is a threat to all societies, all civilization. While I see the West winning the war I am not sure civilization will survive.

  4. Civilization will not survive. Only the adoption of totally different spiritual values can save the planet from self-destruction. The Black man invented civilization. It made him weak. Keeping sickly children alive, as was required by Egyptian religion and culture, lowered their IQ permanently. Become civilized, and you will be destroyed by Barbarian outsiders.

  5. I am afraid you are right about civilization, they civilized people allow themselves to be lulled to sleep by internal traitors and commit suicide. If this occurs this time the traitors won’t succeed in taking over because they don’t have enough people, they are counting on using the military of the various nations but these days most soldiers are true patriots, otherwise they wouldn’t enlist. These patriots will go after the traitor as fast as they will the barbarians.

  6. That is why I am not sure civilization will survive this war, I am sure that within 20 years or less every nation on earth will be doing things that are currently vilified, and doing them openly without anyone objecting. The big question is will we be able to pull back from barbarism once we have won the war?

  7. Because the Muslim destroys himself in Syria, everything is allowed against the Muslim. Nothing is allowed to the Muslim. When the Muslim reads the Koran, his own eyes fool him. When he thinks he is allowed to fight infidels, he is in fact reading a forgery, an illusion. The proof of this is the civil war in Syria. It is the dalil that trumps all other dalil. His Koran didn’t predict the civil war in Syria, or how to solve it. It means his Koran is worthless.

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