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6 Replies to “Dijons armed with bazookas attack Swiss banks”

  1. I hinted earlier: If you leave a clear hattip, you can get a human translation – from a variety of languages, not perfect, but fluent, thus better than Google. Who other than yourself keeps you from reaching a reasonable decision?

    (Yes, this was one of my other addresses.)

  2. Geneva; or, rather, Genevastan, a favorite target of those gangs, has voted:

    – 60% to 40% against the ban on minarets

    – 56% to 44% against the automatic deportation of foreign criminals

    – More than 60% in favor of a gun-control initiative that was rejected big time

    I wonder how much more of this it will take for those self-righteous, snobbish, in-your-face adherents of leftist extremism and multiculturalism-pimping self-delusional fools to wake up and smell the water pipe… And stop shooting themselves in the foot as they love to do.

  3. By the way, the gun-control initiative was rejected by most of Switzerland… If it had depended on Genevastan alone, it would have passed, just as the two other nationwide initiatives would probably have failed to even get on the ballot.

  4. And here is an article in German (which I’ve read through Google Translate) whose author does not fail to mention that the increasing crime rates in Switzerland are a consequence of the arrival of “asylum seekers” from North Africa (which, not who, are muslims; and, though this isn’t mentioned in the piece, even those not so concerned about jihad can easily figure it out) and of the actions of the Lyon-based (muslim) gangs.

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