Right now in Malmoe…

Thanks to Snaphanen.Dk for letting us know of this


A large police force was called in to Ramels way, Malmoe. A quad bike and a motorcycle were set on fire at the gas station and when patrols arrived it was thrown stones at police who had to call in reinforcements.

Altogether about a dozen police cars gathered and soon after came a new alarm if there was a fire in a Sophus on Ramels road. It övertändes quickly and completely destroyed.

…as Mecca turns into Medina, we shall see more and more of this

Original site for this video is here in case anyone wishes to use Google Translate or other services to read comments. Above is the description from that YT page as translated by Google.

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  1. As you sow, so shall you reap…..

    Muslims around the world have engaged in provocation after provocation…..

    Muslims around the world have engaged in a course of injurious behavior that has resulted in the murder, rape, robbery, torture, intimidation, mutilation and persecution of all non-believers….all non-muslims…

    They have engaged in a course of action that can be considered as nothing less than what it is and what they see it as….a Grand Jihad against Christians, Jews and all other non-believers…….this burning and destruction is the thin edge of the wedge…

    They have no intention of ever stopping and will continue, as instructed by the koran, until either they win or are dead…..you can expect these sort of actions by muslims to grow exponentially, ramping up the violence to horrific, almost open warfare like levels, in the hopes of intimidating the governments and the populations….

    Fortunately the rise of conservatism and the Right has almost stopped their forward movement and now a backlash is underway….

    I imagine the single mother of 2 young children in Sweden, who was brutally gang raped for hours and hours by 7 muslim males…..I imagine she is greatly comforted by the sight of arsonists, plucked from the ranks of her tormentors, running amok and torching her hearth and home…..

    I imagine the little girls in England and across Europe, who, drugged and senseless, laid under hundreds of grunting, drooling muslim men as they were raped and sodomized by them….I imagine they take small comfort in this video…….I imagine they are greatly comforted by the sight of arsonists, plucked from the ranks of their tormentors, running amok and torching their hearth and home…..

    I imagine the citizens of cities across Europe who have become little more than frightened mice, scurrying ‘neath the threats and gaze of thuggish muslim hoards….I imagine they take small comfort in this video……..knowing full well that this, in greater proportions, and with spectacular lethality, is coming to their quiet neighborhoods soon…..

    As I said…..as you sow….so shall you reap…..This is the inevitable result of socialist, leftist politically correct bureaucrats and judiciary who ignore the peaceful protestations of the people and the clearly stated goals of the muhammadans, goals of the total domination and subjugation of the entirety of the West….

    Now we face this madness………..inevitably the people will turn away from peaceful protest in contempt for the exercise in futility it is…..inevitably the people will decide to take matters into their own hands…….

    The reality, however injurious to the easily bruised sensibilities of the liberals, the socialists, the timid and the cowardly, is that islam, in all its manifestations, and that includes muslims, is completely in compatible with the entirety of the West.

    Compromise is impossible.

    Peace is impossible.

    Cohabitation is impossible.

    Capitulation unthinkable.

    The harsh reality is that muslims must be removed from our midst.

    It begins with the criminalization of islamic and sharia law, add to that the complete ban on immigration from every one of the 57 member states in the OIC, ban the building of new mosques and bulldoze those mosques with the slightest connection to radical islam or terrorism and finally commence a program of MAID for every muslim who espouses anything remotely considered treasonous or seditious.


    To do anything less is insanity.

    We must stop dithering, we must be decisive, we must stop acting as little more than a masturbating cancer patient.

    To wit:

    A patient who is told by a team of doctors that he is stricken with a virulent and very aggressive form of cancer. The doctors inform the patient that the only course of action that will save his life is surgery to cut out the rapidly growing cancerous tumor.

    The patient trembles and dithers, frightened by the prospect of surgery and the scars it will leave. He runs home and sets upon an article, co-authored by Justin Trudeau, Arianna Huffington and Dr. Morgentaler, which advises that furious masturbation cures all forms of cancer……..and so, considering the alternative, surgery, he commences a full night whack-a-thon…… at sunrise…feeling wonderful, albeit somewhat fatigued, he returns to the doctors in the morning and is utterly dismayed to find the cancerous tumor is not only still there but has doubled in size……..inexplicably, maddeningly, he ignores the pleas of the medical team and returns home with several boxes of tissues and a renewed sense of resolve…….

    I leave you with a quotation from the passionate author, Oriana Fallaci, in her literal slap in the face called “A Sermon For The West”

    “From Afghanistan to Sudan, from Palestine to Pakistan, from Malaysia to Iran, from Egypt to Iraq, from Algeria to Senegal, from Syria to Kenya, from Libya to Chad, from Lebanon to Morocco, from Indonesia to Yemen, from Saudi Arabia to Somalia, the hate for the West swells like a fire fed by the wind. And the followers of Islamic fundamentalism multiply like a protozoa of a cell which splits to become two cells then four then eight then sixteen then thirty-two to infinity. Those who are not aware of it only have to look at the images that the TV brings us every day. The multitudes that impregnate the streets of Islamabad, the squares of Nairobi, the mosques of Tehran. The ferocious faces, the threatening fists. The fires that burn the American flag and the photos of Bush.

    If we continue to stay inert, they will become always more and more. They will demand always more and more, they will vex and boss us always more and more. ’Til the point of subduing us. Therefore, dealing with them is impossible. Attempting a dialogue, unthinkable. Showing indulgence, suicidal. And he or she who believes the contrary is a fool.”

    -Oriana Fallaci

    In closing, we know what must be done…..let us stop masturbating……let us make an appointment with the doctors.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. Eeyore you are right we are going to see a lot more of this, it is coming to the entire world and we will have to fight hard to remain free.

    I am 65 and have no realistic hope of living to see the end of this war, it will be long and hard and will probably last the rest of this Century.

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