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Euro MPs have provoked fury by heralding a £4m scheme to publicise Britain’s benefits system

Monday May 14,2012

By Anil Dawar

MEDDLING Euro MPs have provoked fury by heralding a £4million scheme to publicise Britain’s lucrative benefits and health care system to people from across the Continent.

The money will be squandered on a campaign highlighting every citizen’s right to move from country to country within the EU.

But commentators pointed out last night that the plan was an easy way of advertising Britain’s soft-touch welfare system and could encourage millions of people to travel to the UK for access to it.

The publicity programme, contained in a report put forward by a Greek MEP, prompted howls of outrage among campaigners and raised fears of a fresh flood of benefit tourists descending on the UK.

Britain is already the destination of choice for tens of thousands of eastern Europeans every year because of our generous state handouts compared with their home countries.

Those from Romania, Bulgaria and other poorer countries in eastern Europe need only sell the Big Issue for a few weeks before they are entitled to claim thousands of pounds each month in child, housing and council tax benefits, tax credits and even disability living allowance and carer’s payments.

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  1. Strange the way life works…….

    This very thing, the exodus to Britain was touched on by a comment left on one of Robert Spencer’s articles…..a reader left a link to an interesting article…..


    Scroll down to the comment of “Sean” and here is the link he left…….it addds context to this post by Vlad….

    Food for thought………


    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. Well they’ve got a point, we do have a ridiculous benefits system that encourages scrounging and fraud.
    Well done to the EUSSR for pointing this out.

  3. Another good reason for Britain to move out of Europe immediately – put the bills in someone else s name, take back the nice furniture, hand back the door keys and make sure the mail is forwarded on!

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