Today’s contest: A Mustard or not?

Here is an interesting video. A person, who the officials go to huge lengths to try and hide is identity in the MSM video and photos, sets himself on fire, tries to crash the courthouse where Anders Breivik is being tried for his brand of savage mass-horror in Norway, and when that doesn’t work, he begs the police to shoot him.

In the official photos I have seen so far, they have removed his head completely in order to protect his identity. Fortunately a few videos and pictures have squeezed through the net.

Watch the video, check the net, and answer the poll!

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18 Replies to “Today’s contest: A Mustard or not?”

  1. Quote:

    “Before the incident the man had stopped by the office of Norwegian lawyer Bente Roli, where he dropped off an envelope with “confused” notes, Roli told The Associated Press”…”Roli said she wasn’t in the office when the man came in but her secretary met him.

    “He was psychologically unstable and thought he was the victim of a conspiracy,” she told AP. “He thought everyone was after him because of the social problems he has.” She said the man was 49 but didn’t name him.”

    AP link

  2. Eeyore

    Just to let you know that I am unable to access your website on Explorer since it directs me to a default page saying your site does not exist.

  3. When you plumb the depths of toilets, septic tanks, swamps and the prisons of third world countries for your immigrants or “new citizens” , one can expect the equivalent of human garbage and human excrement.

    Now , I understand that language like that, direct and unequivocal, can ruffle feathers, but it is what it is.

    Nations around the world, Western nations, nations with a foundation of Judeo-Christianity and all that is relevant to that, have suffered greatly as a result of their compliance with the dictates of Leftist and socialist multiculturalism and political correctness.

    It is nothing less than madness on a grand scale and now the dividends of investing in that lunacy are being paid in full.

    I suspect it will get much worse before it gets better……

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  4. It is hard to say.

    By listening to the way he was crying he was mentally ill in my opinion but Islam loves to exploit the mentally ill into killing themselves.

  5. It is clearly an extreme right wing christian fundamentalist.

    Furthermore it is quite obvious that he was inspired to do this by Robert Spencer because he read one Robert Spencer website but only 20 Jihadist websites.

  6. I acessed this page thru explorer just fine.

    I reccomend people read the AP article that wtd linked to. This occured outside the courthouse where Brievik is being tried. His lawyer said it had nothing to do with the trial but I’d very much like to read those notes he handed off first before agreeing with the lawyers statement.

    From the lawyers statement the guy is a paranoid schizophrenic.

    I have noticed a few times that pages about Anders Brievik, and in particular, pages about his sanity, seem to attract comments from schizophrenics. You can spot them by their increadibly long and rambling paragraphs.

    It’s an interesting phenomenon.

  7. So he is obviously crazy. Now I think it would be interesting to see how the left wing media reports this.

    It would be very very interesting to see how the people, who for political and propoganda purposes have been denying Brieviks insanity, report on this person who has the exact same mental problem that Brievik does.

    I predict they will either report that he is insane immediately as AP did, or ignore the whole incident. Either way it can be used to expose their gross and cynical hypocracy.

  8. Dack Janiels
    The first day I got my new computer I had to use explorer to download other software. Explorer will not allow on default security settings to access blogs.

    I changed to firefox as soon as I could.

  9. Fucking pathetic… Definitely an imported brand of stupidity. Any sane madman would at least steal a car, or a plane, or something. What was he going to do if he got in? Singe the curtains?

  10. BayouCoyote, better enjoy them while they last. They’re going extinct, and soon to be replaced with the unkempt hairy arabus-erectus.

  11. guess that guy is mentally ill, judging from his behaviour, not joking. in this case the blurring would be OK

  12. You Bastard!!!

    You brilliant bastard!!!

    That was priceless, at any moment I expected Benny Hill to leap in with wieners and marshmallows…..

    Keep up the good work!!!!

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  13. Mentally ill guy for sure. He looks Chinese perhaps afghani or kazakstani, the ones who have Chinese faces. He wasn’t screaming Allah Akbar so assume even if he was a Muslim that was his overriding cause for setting himself alight. But then again most people that end up screaming Allah Akbar in public are most often than not mentally ill also.

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