Frank Gaffney’s course on Muslim-Brotherhood infiltration of the US government hits a nerve with Islamic world.

Here is an Al Jazeera clip on the course thanks to ‘Halal Booze Shack‘. Clearly, this penlight of truth on the massive infection which is Islam in the US has caused some of the pathogens to react.

It is noteworthy that at no point does Al Jazeera discuss any of the points raised, depending solely on political correctness and the assumption that any criticism of Islam is inherently wrong out of the gates.

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11 Replies to “Frank Gaffney’s course on Muslim-Brotherhood infiltration of the US government hits a nerve with Islamic world.”

  1. Find out who leaked the data and kick him out of the Army.

    I find it interesting that no one talking is saying that the information is wrong, just that it is against our core values, how can the truth be against our core values?

  2. Don’t be fooled. This course hit some raw nerves somewhere with the politically incorrect truth about Islam. That only means this course is on the right track and they should not deviate from its content. The truth is the main part of the American core values.

  3. The truth USED TO BE the main part of the American core values, before the left was allowed to brain wash the masses.

  4. Yes. Make no mistake about it. You prove your worth a 1000 times over each and every day. We ARE thinking about you brown skinned people with those certain names.

  5. Got to laugh at the pure hypocrisy of
    1) Nihad Awad at 1:30 complaining of people with a political agenda when gaining pro-islamic political influence provides his livelihood, specifically to a wedge between islamophiles and those who have actually studied and understand Islam for exactly the political war machine it is. He further suggests if the Islamo-realists succeed, it will destroy the fabric of society. Every thread of Islam needs to be fully purged to keep the American tapestry from disintegrating.. . .
    2) Faiz Shaki, the so-called GenX expert on Islamophobia @ 2:00 projects his own deen guilt by stating current training manual suggest. . .
    “you need to think of those brown skinned people with those certain names and those certain livelihoods and customs as the enemy.”
    Well, golly gee, that’s exactly what the koran does with people who do not follow Islam!
    Pure adulterated projection. Those training manuals probably identify the instigators of terror as – imams – or Islamic scholars – devout jihadists who precisely fit the customs/livelihood profile of the enemy.

    Thank God for Frank Gaffney and Steven Coughlin and General Boykin and Lt. Col. Allen West and all those who refuse to shy away from fact and bring it forward for mass consumption.

  6. “this bogoted conspiracy cabal is both disgusting and un american at its core. Those who propogate these materials and those who empower the onese who develop them should be ashamed.” Senior US department of Defence Official.

    That is islamo style spin if ever I heard it. So either that is made up or A senior US department of Defence Official who is muslim said it.

    so who do we know who is a muslim DOD official? The “senior” could just be exagguration.

    So someone who writes like an islamist propogandist has infiltrated the DOD and is out to marginalize this report about radical muslims infiltrating the government.

    If we can figure out who said it we might be able to show them up as an islamic infiltrator.

    Now is your chance to play spy catcher.

    Who do we think it might be? How do we find out who is working at the DOD?

  7. CAIR is not mainstream. They told muslims to not cooperate with police or FBI. That is not mainstream. They are a islamic radicals.

  8. Truthiocity there are government publications that list who is working where, they can be found at any US government bookstore.

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