German Cartoon Riots: Clubs, Bottles and Stones


In an explosion of violence that reflects the growing assertiveness of Salafists in Germany, on May 5th more than 500 radical Muslims attacked German police with bottles, clubs, stones and other weapons in the city of Bonn, to protest cartoons they said were “offensive.”

Rather than cracking down on the Muslim extremists, however, German authorities have sought to silence the peaceful critics of multicultural policies that allow the Salafists — who say they are committed to imposing Islamic Sharia law throughout Europe — openly to preach violence and hate.

The clashes erupted when around 30 supporters of a conservative political party, PRO NRW, which is opposed to the further spread of Islam in Germany, participated in a campaign rally ahead of regional elections in the western state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). Some of those participating in the rally, which was held near the Saudi-run King Fahd Academy in the Mehlem district of Bonn, the former capital of West Germany, had been waving banners depicting the Islamic Prophet Mohammad (see photo here), to protest the Islamization of Germany.

The rally swiftly disintegrated into violence (photos here and here) when hundreds of angry Salafists, who are opposed to any depiction of their prophet, began attacking the police, whose job it was to keep the two groups apart.

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3 Replies to “German Cartoon Riots: Clubs, Bottles and Stones”

  1. Keep watching this is just the first of many riots in Europe, this is going to be a long hot summer for the worlds police.

  2. It gets worse for every summer that passes nowadays. I fear it will be worst for UK because of the olympics which will probably turn into a nightmare far worse than the riots last summer.

  3. Not being a big sports fan I hadn’t thought about riots during the Olympics but that be a good time for them. There are videos on youtube (no I don’t have the urls, I saw them last year) showing US leftists talking about riots and civil unrest around the world. Their goal is to crash the worlds economy and create so much chaos they can seize power in most of the world and then go on to conquer the rest. Remember it was the combination of the economic chaos of the 20s and the failed communist revolution that allowed the Nazi’s to be elected and then seize total power.

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