Hungarian political propaganda video.

Dunno if its Nazi or not, but it sure looks like a Roman salute at the end.

The Hungarist Movement was created by Szálasi Ferenc, and reorganized as “Pax Hungarica” in 2008.

That is all I know for the moment. Much more info should appear at Gates of Vienna shortly courtesy of Hermes and The Baron



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  1. I don’t know if they are Nazi’s either but they are militants who are getting ready to fight a war, the question is are they going to fight to keep Hungry free, or to enslave other people?

  2. I was hoping they weren’t Nazi’s, they are and are getting ready to take over Hungry, once they achieve that goal they will decide to spread their “faith” to the rest of Europe. This will be done under the guise of helping the other Europeans rid themselves of Moslems, the only possible bump in their path is the German Nazi’s who will try to do the same thing.

    I haven’t had a nightmare this bad for a long time.

  3. A few days ago I read a Frank Gafffney column about how the peace of the last 70 years is not the norm for Europe, through out almost all of recorded history Europe has been racked by wars. It is almost impossible to find a time when there wasn’t some small war in Europe, and at least once a generation there was a large war. We in the nations with a long history of democracy forget that democracy in Europe (with a few exceptions) dates from the end of WWII, this is why most of the Europeans are not upset over unelected bureaucrats from running their governments.

  4. Richard:

    Like the real Nazis, I’m pretty sure these Hungarians will ally themselves with the Muslims. Politically speaking they are natural bedfellows. And Hitler even made the Muslims ‘honorary arians’, so, I don’t think they can have much of a role to play in improving life in Hungary or anywhere.

  5. No they won’t improve life in Hungry just as the original Nazi’s didn’t improve live in Germany. I should have been clearer in my statements, they will be out to steal all they can and to conquer all they can, yes they will probably end up allying with the Moslems because they are going to need live bodies to throw into the meat grinder. I have read the comments of several WWII SS officers about the Moslems, they allied with them but thought they were scum that was almost as low as the Jews and Gypsy’s. They are natural political allies but the racial supremest portion of the Nazi philosophy will end up turning the alliance into one of convenience, look at how the Communists treated the non Russian members of the Soviet Union, or how the modern Russians treat the non Russians living in Russia.

    An example of is the 1960s gun running organization the FBI busted it was started and run by the Black Panthers and the KKK working together. If they hadn’t been busted the two groups would have ended up fighting each other with the guns they worked together to acquire.

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