Two great videos from Nigel Farage

This first one shot today by EuropeNews.Dk in Brussels:

And here is Nigel warning of what I would say is becoming obvious. The likely riots, bloodshed and anarchy that will result from some of the stupidest policies in Europe since Nero printed sheet music with every pack of matches.

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5 Replies to “Two great videos from Nigel Farage”

  1. The UKIP doesn’t allow EDL members in their ranks -.- Those clips from the so called EU parliament featuring the UKIP are pretty entertaining nonetheless, like calling “Herr Schulz” the undemocratic fascist he rly is, or bringing along pictures with the smiling EU Emperor van Rompuy und Gadafi shaking hands.

  2. Too bad he doesn’t have a grip on islam and it’s motives. He could have been a great leader in the anti-islamization movement.

  3. Sheesh, it should be its not it’s. Twice in one day. I wish there was an edit button for things like this.

  4. He is tackling what he sees as the primary problem, secondary problems will have to wait. Personally I think they are intertwined by he doesn’t. Give him time, he will come around.

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