Newsflash! PRO NRW Can Show Mohammed Caricatures in Cologne, Too!

Thanks to the website: Politically Incorrect, we see that there is another victory for reason and freedom in Germany today. H/T Fjordman

From P.I. News:

A tenth-round victory for NRW Interior Minister Ralf Jäger against PRO NRW: According to a quick decision by the Cologne district court today, the Mohammed caricatures by Kurt Westergaard can be shown at the PRO NRW meeting in front of the mosque construction site in Ehrenfeld. Markus Beisicht: “That is a great achievement again for us and for freedom of speech.”

The following was communicated in a press release from PRO NRW:

Cologne district court likewise lifts “caricature ban” by NRW Interior Minister

PRO NRW also wins the last round in the “war of trials” against them started by the Interior Minister.

The Cologne district court, with today’s decision (Az.: 290 L 590/12), lifted the “caricature ban” decreed in an edict by NRW Interior Minister Jäger for Cologne as well. The PRO NRW Citizens’ Movement will be able right away to exhibit the caricatures from Kurt Westergaard even at the last rally by the nation wide “Freedom instead of Islam” election tour.

“This is a beautiful day for free speech and for the rule of law, which was profoundly confirmed by the district courts of the state of NRW in a ‘trial war’ that has been going on for almost two weeks,” PRO NRW president and top candidate for his party, Markus Beisicht, commented of the achievement by his party in court.

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  1. This is good news indeed… Especially because those trying to ban public displays of mahound caricatures, on the pretext that it could incite violence, would never apply the same standards to Mein Qurampf 9:5, 9:29, 3:110, 4:34, 33:59 and any other such verses, which actually openly call for slaughter and rape of infidels (while 3:110 is to mahoundianism what Hitler’s claims about Aryan supremacy are to nazism.)

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