Moroccan Muslim Brotherhood PM refuses to talk with female Belgian minister

From Point De Bascule:

Sheik won't shake

From Point Abdelilah Benkiran does not seem to conceive that a foreign government could send a female representative to talk with him. During the whole meeting he talked strictly with Belgian minister of Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders and refused to speak with the Belgian minister of Justice. French version HERE English translation by Point de Bascule benkiran From left to right: Annemie Turtelboom, Belgian minister of Justice, Didier Reynders, Belgian minister of Foreign Affairs and Abdelilah Benkiran, Moroccan Muslim Brotherhood PM

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3 Replies to “Moroccan Muslim Brotherhood PM refuses to talk with female Belgian minister”

  1. I’m Belgian, and thanks to politicians of her calibre, I can’t, like I could up to the say the 1980’s, go wherever it takes my fancy, ride public transport after a certain not so late hour, and am physically at risk everytime I walk out the door. That other piece of garbage is as much to blame as she is of course. Still: it serves the whore just right.

  2. Not too fast Fred, she will make excuses for his behavior, those people are that blind.
    We once had a journalist, raped by some afghan people, and she came back, and she said: well I understand them, and they where nice, they offered me tea.

    Completely out of their frigging mind.Almost all of them.

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