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8 Replies to “Graph of terror attacks”

  1. @Hermes

    Yeah you are right! how stubbornly do the majority of people deny REALITY.

    How many world wars were there? Who started them? How many people were killed? Who used Nuclear weapons on innocent people?

    All was ok with this world until Christians, Jews (Brits) invaded the world, spread to all parts of world stealing resources, slaving people, waging wars….


  2. Farooq I notice you ignore all of the military conquests of Christian and Jewish lands, the attacks on European shipping and the slave raids into Europe. Remember not everyone out here has a politically correct education, some of us know the facts and know who the real aggressors are.

  3. Farooq, how exactly did Islam spread since the time of the Prophet? And as for your colonial allusions, they were political and not religiously motivated. Even the Crusades were in response to Islamic invasion.

    Don’t let history smack you on the ass on the way to the Library.

  4. There are a few columns missing:
    1- total people in that category in the population at large
    2- proportion of that category in the population at large
    3- proportion of that category in the criminal population
    4- how much more likely a person in that category is likely to be criminal than the average

    Also, it would be nice to unbundle the “secular/political/anarchist” line, but the data might be missing.

  5. Farooq: an excerpt from this article: http://www.politicalislam.com/blog/the-basics/

    “Political Islam is very effective. There have been over 270 million people killed by Jihad over the last 1400 years. Islam has also been very successful in the business of slavery. For 1400 years it has enslaved the kafir and we will have an entire lesson on how Islam has enslaved the European, the African and the Asian. Political Islam is a phenomenally successful political ideology.”

    Islam has been more destructive than all other totalitarian regimes and movements through history put together.

  6. @ the boy Farooq

    Why don’t you actually address the topic in question clearly displayed here?? – WHY?

    Its always the same with you Muslims.

    OK, I’ll play the same game as you.

    Which “Mohammed” – since there are millions of them – did this –

    Mohammed had sex with a 9 year old:


    Mohammed taught beheading:


    Mohammed hated Christians and Jews:


    Mohammed practiced slavery:


    Mohammed married his own daughter in law:


    Mohammed approved of prostitution:


    Mohammed recommended wife beating:


    He killed prisoners of war:


    He beat children who didn’t pray:


    He approved of sex with minors:


    He advocated lieing:


    He enslaved women and children:


    He stoned adulterers to death:


    He tortured:


    He stole:


    He killed people just for “insulting” him:


    He kept women as sex slaves:


    Forced people to convert to Islam:


    Commited acts of terror:


    Captured a woman and raped her:


    Tit for tat games, boy Farooq, eventually lead to war.

    And as you can see from both the graph at the top and my post, there’s some substance for it.

    So WHY don’t you address the graph and stop playing tit for tat?

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