Amnesty International is filled with clueless morons.

I posted yesterday on the OIC’s campaign. Now AI is working hand in hand with the most totalitarian international organization in the world today. This is only to be expected, since AI couldn’t care less about human rights in the first place, they’re all about spreading an utopian statist ideology, which leads them to make stupid statements and launch moronic campaigns. No shocker there.

Gee, I wonder if AI knows that the OIC’s Ihsanoglu is a denier of Islamic/Muslim anti-Semitism? I doubt it, nor would they care.

Muslims discriminated against for demonstrating their faith

a.i: European governments must do more to challenge the negative stereotypes and prejudices against Muslims fuelling discrimination especially in education and employment, a new report by Amnesty International reveals today.

“Muslim women are being denied jobs and girls prevented from attending regular classes just because they wear traditional forms of dress, such as the headscarf. Men can be dismissed for wearing beards associated with Islam,” said Marco Perolini, Amnesty International’s expert on discrimination.

“Rather than countering these prejudices, political parties and public officials are all too often pandering to them in their quest for votes.”

The report Choice and prejudice: discrimination against Muslims in Europe, exposes the impact of discrimination on the ground of religion or belief on Muslims in several aspects of their lives, including employment and education.

Spencer captures the BIG LIE that Amnesty International is gullibly going along with:

The Big Lie: OIC launching aggressive media blitz to fight “Islamophobia”

“Islamophobia” is a concept that was invented by the Muslim Brotherhood in order to intimidate non-Muslims away from criticizing or resisting the jihad and Islamic supremacism. The OIC has millions and will use them to bury us in hot steaming piles of nonsense about how Islam teaches peace and tolerance and “believe us, not your lying eyes.” They will use them also to continue to demonize and marginalize everyone who dares speak out in defense of human rights against Sharia. But there is one thing they will not do and could not do even if they wanted to: they will not stop jihad terror attacks committed in the name of Islam. They will not stop people from waving Qur’ans and shouting Allahu akbar before cold-bloodedly murdering innocent people, including children. And that is why their campaign, for all the money behind it, is doomed to fail. Their Big Lie is designed to obscure the Islamic motivations behind jihad terror, and to disarm resistance to jihad and Islamic supremacism, by blaring the Big Lie everywhere. But every day the truth will come out, somewhere, in the form of mangled bodies, terrified children, and horrified bystanders suddenly awakening to reality as they make their way on a ground slippery with blood.

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  1. British Society is multicultural, multi-ethnic and multi religious. Not not recognise this is to live in the past. To say that “British Society is Christian” is a complete nonsense. History and society are not the same thing. British Muslim society is just as much part of our national make up as the cofe or the catholics.

    Schools were clearly segregated when I was young between Catholic and Protestant. Allowing Muslim schools is simply giving muslims the same rights as others. I find most people who criticise religions are less interested in religion and more interested in hate. Most of these criticising uneducated fools probably know very little about their own religion let alone any other. They are just afraid of what they don’t understand and rather than learn they just wallow in hate. Tauheedul was setup in 2006 and the Council asked it to take a lead in managing Blakewater which has been established for years. Tauheedul is the only outstanding secondary school in Blackburn rated by Ofsted. St Wilfreds is also very good. What does that say? These faith based schools are doing extremely well and in my view they should be running all the schools of Blackburn so that there is delivery of proper education. The facts speak for themselves. So, lets celebrate that more schools are joining the state sector so education improves in the borough. It is really quite simple – Faith schools in Blackburn outperform other schools. I would rather my child attends Tauheedul rather than any other school. I have visited Tauheedul and observed classes and am confident my child would be able to make a much more cohesive and independant decision about her values and thinking.

    I feel the media machine has stereotyped Muslim schools as non-cohesive and extremist, the truth of the matter is they are no different to any other school; sorry, the only difference being that majority excel in academic achievement…is that a bad thing?
    The free schools and VA are tools to help integrate these independent schools into the ‘community of local schools”. As Tauheedul Girls school have proved over the recent years that being part of the community of schools actually adds value; their academic achievement has been a contributing factor to raising the overall performance figures for the borough.
    The free schools initiative will provide independent Muslim schools to be more accessible to the wider community thus alleviating segregation and promoting cohesion…

    No Christian or non-Muslim parent would dream of sending their child to an Islamic school. So preach the 50-50 numbers all you want. It will never happen. Why impose secular on those who dont want secular? Surely, this is not freedom. Secularism is a set of values like any other doctrine or religion and should not be equated with freedom.

    So lets have a mix of faith schools as well as non faith schools.

  2. IA, your whole nonsense misses the point… Your bedouin fascism is a much greater threat than Hitler’s as far as the fate of the exercise of science, skeptical inquiry, freedom of speech, true religious freedom (mahoundianism isn’t even a religion to begin with), gender equality and human rights in general (especially women’s rights and gay rights) are concerned in the civilized world. And also a threat to the economic development of the civilized world, since with a very few exceptions (Turkey and Tunisia, due to decades of anti-sharia secularism enforced with an iron fist; and Malaysia, where the Hindu and Buddhist minorities are exploited by muslims through the parasitical bumiputra system), the only economic wealth that Dar al-islam has seen is a mere product of an accident of geology; a source of economic wealth which, by the way, muslims wouldn’t be able to even pump out of the ground if it weren’t for infidel manpower and expertise. If it weren’t for those deposits of the so-called black gold, all black-cube-worshipping countries would be as wealthy as Somalia, which is actually the fate that awaits those milking their oil wells once their crude runs out.

    Fighting against the possibility of bestowing such a future on civilized Western countries has nothing, absolutely nothing in the way of prejudice or phobias, but it’s simply a strategy of survival. Because we’re not going to be sitting ducks, allowing civilization to be turned into a giant dumpster like Mogadishu, Mecca or Medina, where disease, ignorance, illiteracy, intellectual and economic failures, slavery, misery, abject poverty, chaos, rape, laziness, insh’allah fatalism, tyranny, the end of science, superstitions and death in between rear-end-lifting sessions performed five times a day are all one can expect of life… Since this is all one can expect to reap as a reward from surrendering to islam.

  3. Most of these criticising uneducated fools probably know very little about their own religion let alone any other.

    I know plenty about your foul “religion”
    For starters it was founded by a mass murdering paedophile. Why not bugger off back to where you came from and drink a gallon of camel’s piss?

  4. Muslims are NOT here to participate in the society such as we constructed it, they’re here for the free ride on our backs, a free ride that finds its expression in the yizya, which we already pay to a great extent. One only needs to look at the employment percentages (which are not readily distributed to the public), such as: welfare dependent muslim women britain 80+%, welfare dependent muslim men 50+%, percentage of muslim men over 50 working in the netherlands 0%(ZERO). These are official statistics: the real numbers are probably even higher. Like somebody pinned it down quite accurately: there’s 4 factors that will eventually force the west into violent conflict with muslims: their parasitism, their criminality, their violence, and their sedition. It’s madness to think that a society can bear the burden of an ever growing number of massively consuming unproductives, turning out nothing that benefits society, except, of course, tons more consuming unproductives. And that’s hardly a benefit.

  5. “Muslims are NOT here to participate in the society such as we constructed it, they’re here for the free ride on our backs…”

    You’ll find the Socialists got here first. Islam completes them. She would have lain down with the Communists, but it’s an accident of history that when the floodgates were opened, Islam walked straight in and buried itself into the soft underbelly of Welfare.

    “believe us, not your lying eyes.”
    Which is why every child of conscience is penalized for not conforming.

  6. AI is a troll who spouts the same crap wherever he goes. He did a stint on “Creeeping Sharia” but he was probably banned. He has now given Vlad the honor. Do everyone a favor & ignore him.

  7. IA, Islam is making friends among the unbelievers every day isn’t it? You have probably never heard of the Danegeld and the fate of those who imposed it. Google it, it may save your life.

  8. Don’t feed the trolls. It feels good to slap them down but they know nobody will believe them and are just trying to derail the conversation and distract people from the subject matter of the posts by making the thread be about them.

  9. Amnesty International has been lambasted in the past for coordinating with CAIR. CAIR is a front group for Hamas. Hamas believes in the use of violence in achievement of aims. It is against AI’s mandate to support political prisoners who are members of groups who believe in violence. That is why they tried to help some South African political prisoners but not others.

    Cooperating with CAIR is directly against AI’s mandate as CAIR is the American front of an extremely violent organization – as well as a front for other organizations that are directly opposed to freedom of concience.

    AI can no longer be considered to be an objective voice.

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