European court ‘tipped off Abu Qatada over deadline to help him make last-ditch appeal to stay’

Daily Mail:

  • ome Office livid it was not given same warning
  • Hate cleric’s deportation could take 18 months

By Brendan Carlin

PUBLISHED: 18:58 EST, 21 April 2012 | UPDATED: 03:15 EST, 22 April 2012


European human rights judges have been accused of ‘alerting’ radical Muslim cleric Abu Qatada to the fact he still had time to lodge a last-ditch appeal against deportation.

Furious Home Office sources last night claimed that it was the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) itself that privately told Jordanian-born Qatada that there was still the possibility of an appeal

But they say there was no similar attempt by the Strasbourg-based court to warn Home Secretary Theresa May of the impending deadline.

Abu QatadaTip-off: Was Abu Qatada (right) told about his right to appeal?

Senior sources in Mrs May’s department told The Mail on Sunday that the ECHR had reminded Qatada last Monday that he still had the option to appeal.

One said: ‘They took it upon themselves to go to Qatada’s legal team and say, “You haven’t appealed yet. Are you likely to appeal?”?’


Last night, the ECHR, headed by British judge Sir Nicolas Bratza, declined to comment on the claim.

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  1. A day or two ago I found the following at New English Review, posted by Emerelda Weatherwax. It’s clearly yet another sign that these so-called European judges, the umma and mohammedan ambulance-chasers are all working in league:

    From The Telegraph

    The legal aid bill for representing Muslim terrorist suspects has topped £110 million in a decade. So who are the lawyers orchestrating the court appeals of Abu Qatada and Abu Hamza?

    On the bustling, cosmopolitan streets of Southall, Muddassar Arani cuts an unassuming figure in her hijab. But this bespectacled middle-aged woman is in charge of a legal empire that has become a mecca for terrorist suspects. Arani and her firm Arani and Co have represented scores of Muslims detained under terror laws, bringing in several million pounds in legal aid fees.

    Meanwhile, Gareth Peirce, the veteran of Irish republican legal battles, this week pulled off a breathtaking coup against the Home Office by filing an eleventh-hour appeal to Europe on behalf of her widely demonised client, Abu Qatada. . . Peirce headed a team of expensive lawyers, including two barristers from Doughty Street Chambers, Raza Husain and Edward Fitzgerald – the husband of Lady Antonia Fraser’s daughter, Rebecca.

    One commentator described Peirce as the ”go to’’ female lawyer-of-choice ”for every accused jihadist and IRA suspect”.

    While nobody (I wouldn’t say nobody – just nobody publicly who could be sued for defamation) is questioning the motives of Miss Arani or the team representing Abu Qatada, a well-informed source told The Daily Telegraph that questions are being asked about whether some other firms in their wake are using “ambulance chaser’’ tactics.

    ”The feeling in Whitehall is that these lawyers are actually encouraging terror suspects to take these cases against the Government because there is money to be made,” he said. “Don’t forget that an al-Qaeda instruction manual captured in 2001 showed that Islamic jihadists are trained to understand and manipulate Western-style legal systems.’’

    At a conservative estimate, based on Freedom of Information releases and parliamentary answers, The Daily Telegraph believes that the bill has topped £110 million over the last decade. The latest figures from 2010 show that Arani & Co earned £4.8 million over six years. Of course, these figures do not represent pure profit – the firms spend months combing through complex cases to earn these sums. Nevertheless, the war on terror has become a rich vein for lawyers.

    At top-earning Arani & Co, Muddassar Arani paints herself as a crusader for justice and claims she and her clients are being persecuted by the police and secret services. The author of a Know Your Rights leaflet widely distributed among the Muslim community, she also says that she fears for her life. Her critics, however, say that the effect of her skills is to protect those who preach hate.

    Arani is an adviser to the Islamic Human Rights Commission and tells Muslims not to speak to Special Branch’s anti-terrorist team. Her work is lucrative: the firm was being paid nearly £17,000 a week in legal aid for defending hate preacher Hamza as far back as 2007. Miss Arani did not return calls from The Daily Telegraph.

    Peirce, meanwhile, was educated at Cheltenham Ladies’ College, the University of Oxford and the London School of Economics. She dropped the relatively common moniker Jean for ”Gareth’’ while a teenager. Peirce has been described by Michael Gove as a “passionate, committed and effective supporter of the Trotskyist Socialist Alliance’’.

    Peirce, who works from offices in Camden, was unavailable to speak to The Daily Telegraph yesterday as she was conducting prison visits. Her loyalty to their cause has led some of her Arabic-speaking clients to call her al-Umm, meaning mother, or ”the greatest’’.

    It is unlikely, though, that Theresa May is feeling any sympathy towards Peirce’s causes this weekend. For whether they are ambulance chasers or crusaders for justice, the ”war on terror’’ lawyers have become the bane of her life.

    Meanwhile members of MfE and the EDL have experienced enormous difficulty in finding a solicitor willing to take on the two incidents of mass unlawful arrest experienced last year.

  2. The EU was a bad idea from the beginning, it is falling apart but not before it does even more damage to western civilization.

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