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  1. I was just thinking…….after watching the video above…………how far we have come and conversely, how we are, tragically, in many ways, shadows of our former selves….

    As this world develops and moves forward, the gains we have made with respect to technology and the intellectuality and humanity of mankind have been? nothing less than stunning and exponential……..but for as much as we have gained we have also lost an equal amount in depth of character…..we have lost the power of original thought….we have lost the desire to remain the plotters of our own lives……….and we are much less for that.

    We have given over stewardship of our lives, nay stewardship of the two greatest nations in the history of Mankind, to the criminally socialist, the self absorbed, the sneeringly Liberal, to the sociopathic self loathers and to those whose hatred of freedom and the entrepreneurial spirit are the very definition of their every waking moment.

    We have placed our children, the very future and foundation of our democracy, in the hands of the mediocre, the incompetent and the uninspired and allowed them to whisper the blackest of lies in their ears…..lies that pave the road to our nation’s ruin as new generations wander our streets, functionally illiterate, the grotesquely uniformed and misinformed, historically crippled with a seething hatred of both self and the values, ethics and courage which provided our country and countless generations through the darkest of times…..

    We have allowed a socialist Mainstream Media to engage in a nonstop campaign of misinformation and propaganda that obscures the ominous threats we face both as a nation and a culture…….we have allowed the media to offer us fear mongering “experts” like David Suzuki who are only to willing to tell us of the latest junk science, polls, trends and surveys, the methodology of which is never questioned, in order to, stroke by stroke, destroy our resource and energy independence…..we have allowed mainstream media to stoke a burning desire for the superficial and useless……..that which gave us strength and independence, our manufacturing base, has been reduced to dust rendering us solely dependent on others for even the simplest of goods……..we have allowed socialists to force us to remain dependent on the murderously inhumane and brutal for our energy needs whilst our very independence lays at our feet virtually untouched…….

    We have allowed a self serving bureaucracy and their enablers, the capricious, vain, self serving politicians to destroy what we took over four centuries to build. We have allowed criminals to rule our streets and our prisons and we have allowed our courts and the legions of predatory and parasitic lawyers to enthusiastically facilitate the same. This, done in the name of the most cancerous and destructive piece of legislation ever written, The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, written by the First Family of The Self Loathing and Morally Bankrupt; The Trudeau’s

    We stand on the edge of the blackest abyss………in order to step back from that abyss the time has come to clean from our schools, from our courts, from our media and from the halls of government those whose singular focus is the complete annihilation of Canada and the United States. The time has come to once again chart our own destiny….to decide what is good both for ourselves and families and for our country……the time has come to relegate the Obama’s, Suzuki’s, the Trudeau’s, the Davies’s to their rightful place…..the lunatic fringe…..where they can provide us with occasional comedic relief but from where they can never again chart our course.

    We need to seek out those amongst us whose very definition of life harkens back to a time of strength and independence, we need to seek them out…these slowly dying embers in a dwindling legion, and breathe into them the desire to wrest from the hands of charlatans and grifters, the heart and soul of our nations….we need to do this now…..for if we do not…if we wait till they have been crushed into dust by the Obama’s, the Suzuki’s and Trudeau’s…..we will have missed our last chance….and when gone they will be greatly missed…and we…….as a world, as a culture and as a democracy, will be so much the less for their absence.

    The time has come to become great, the time has come to once again shine a light that leads the world……..once again.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. How does one stop corruption?

    What ever “tides and affairs of men” that happen… the problem always seems to be HOW to stop corruption from happening.

    There is no freedom of the market place as long as humans are involved …
    cartels (think Oil)
    lobbying of gov’ts (think GM’s the electric car being squashed by the Oil industry)
    one world domination by a great business idea (think Microsoft etc)
    Lack of Adam Smith common sense of regulating the SALESMAN(think subprime mrtg)

    When the subprime mortgage CRASH happened do you really think the market was NOT being manipulated to get it back up and running????

    Let’s not be naive here.

    Freedom of the market place is as Utopian as the Marxist Socialist State!

    The closest workable solutions to clamping down on corruption seem to be
    – Check power with power
    or …
    everybody’s favourite.. Koranic Fatwa/Mafia/Communist Gov’t/Dictator from Hell solution
    -It’s my way or the highway buddy

  3. Ironically it is technological advancements that will be required to save the planet, not switching off the lights….

  4. The battle against the religion of failure hasn’t started yet. It will take a generation or more to regain the exploring minds of the people and use technology in a way that will push their pioneering spirit. America has to become selfish and strenghten their way of life while getting rid of the nay sayers. Otherwise they are doomed to failure.

  5. Kate

    was your post meant as a joke? You are incorrect on every “think” statements.

    Corruption or I call greed is the virus that kills every from of government. Since Corruption can not be avoided in any system. The best thing we can do about corruption is to develop a system that makes corruption difficult to spread.

    Lets face it Communism would be the best form of government if it wasn’t for that one little problem

    lack of power is the only solution not more power.
    Very simply:
    What type of system would a greedy person want more. A system that doesn’t know every aspect of our lives(market system) or one that knows and controls every aspect of our lives (socialism, dictator and so on)

  6. Don Laird – I would love to sit and have a beer with you.
    Trouble is — it wouldn’t be just one, and we would talk until dawn.
    Bless you – and Eeyore, and all others that realize our plight.

  7. Dear Blind Druid,

    Thank you very much…..I am certain we would have much to talk about….

    But alas, owing to my weakness for for the fruits of French labour, as such, every one of my beers would be punctuated with an obscenely large glass of brandy….and as you can imagine, from that point things would…..how would you say?….get a little out of hand……Eeyore would no doubt climb to the top of the table and with flecks of spittle, unimaginably colorful profanity and wild gesticulations, take the entire civilized world to task for their apathy and failures in the face of the advancing islamic cancer………..then….as the evening wore on…….in my state of wild intoxication, bored with Eeyore’s revolutionary rhetorical regurgitations and spying an opportunity for comedic relief, would take advantage of your visual impairment and would start moving the furniture around every time you returned from the washroom…..then you….wildly indignant, would remove from your secret place that very large handgun of yours and seek to bring the error of my ways to my attention with a blaze of hot lead…….but my skills as a ventriloquist would make Eeyore the focus of your indignation and firearm………. of course Eeyore, realizing that it was simply madness, sheer madness, to invite the unwashed, the unemployed and the unenlightened, to a civilized tete ‘a’a tete, would, from his hiding place ‘neath the kitchen table, call law enforcement……..and then the morning newspaper would feature all our photographs….beery eyed, unshaven and holding numbers, sandwiched between two rather stern looking constables and later….the withering focus of a magistrate whose reputation for a remarkably humorless application of the full extent of the law……a reputation that would have our bowels rumbling and our pitiful, woefully inadequate explanatory defence punctuated with bursts of eye watering flatulence…… ………

    It seemed like a good idea at the time though……

    May I suggest instead, a round of Earl grey and cucumber sandwiches down at the local branch of the C.N.I.B?…….

    I appreciate your appreciation….

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  8. Hi Richard
    I should have said which electric car I mean’t with respect to GM
    Check out the movie “Who Killed the Electric Car” The oil companies went to the gov’t and lobbied to get it axed and if I remember they also bought the company with a long standing battery. It really is a great documentary = the war of business.

  9. Kate:

    Watch it again with a critical eye. I thought it was a grotesque piece of misleading propaganda myself. For one thing they only interviewed rich people who could afford as many cars as they wanted, so would never have to worry about the fact that the one car they would have had if they were regular folk could never be used to visit grandma, as it would only do 60 miles on an overnight charge. It doesn’t matter if that is 90% of your trips. People who can only buy one car cannot afford to have one that won’t do the 10% of fun or neccesary trips.

    As for the long lasting battery, no evidence or science presented on that one. Also E cars produce more Co2 than regular cars but just have a really long tail pipe. This will remain true until the US gets with it and starts building a ton of nuclear plants. Then you will have enough cheap power that you can have E cars and enjoy the sanctimony that comes with that.

  10. The oil companies don’t have to kill the electric car, the free market is doing the job, they are way too expensive, don’t really save money and unless you live in some suburb real close to work and a shopping mall don’t travel far enough to get people to work or home.

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