Israel, media bias and leftist-Islamist dishonesty.

Below, an interview with the Israeli solder who, through selective editing, was made out to be a thug by leftists and Muslims protesting and marching for the destruction of the state of Israel. The video that has been circulated widely, was of the soldier hitting a protester with his rifle but. The video did not bother to include the footage of that same protester hitting the soldier with a stick and breaking his finger.

This is rather illustrative of the methods and ethics of the leftist-Isalmic alliance. It is all about creating hatred not based on the facts, but to achieve an objective. Not to spread a difficult truth, but to focus animosity in order to destroy a people and a nation. A nation I might add, that is the best to all it’s citizens in the entire region no matter the gender, color or even religion and ideology.

From Israel National News:

IDF Lt. Col. Eisner: The Mission Comes Before Looking Good

Lt. Col. Shalom Eisner said the IDF top brass are more concerned with perceptions than success in the field
By Gabe Kahn

First Publish: 4/17/2012, 9:56 PM


Lt. Col. Eisner hits back.

Lt. Col. Eisner hits back.

Lt. Col. Shalom Eisner said Tuesday he has “no regrets” about striking a Danish activist, saying that doing the job is more important than looking good.

“What’s more important, doing the job or looking good for the camera?” Eisner asked rhetorically during an interview with Channel 10.

“We know the history of these anarchists,” Eisner said. “They came with sticks and broke my hand, but no one talks about that or films it.”

“It’s true; some of the pictures look bad,” he conceded. “I used my weapon coldly, like a stick. I didn’t kill anyone, and didn’t put anyone’s life at risk.”

“My job was to protect my soldiers and open the road, and I did just that,” Eisner said. “My sense was that this [the blow] would do it.”

The protesters themselves said after the incident that they cut the rally short and decided not to block the road only because of the way I handled the situation,” Eisner said.

Eisner also criticized the senior IDF commanders who publically criticized him while the IDF investigation was still underway.

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  1. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. These protesters need to understand that they don’t run the show. Either they comply with the concept of ‘Peaceful Demonstration’ or suffer the consequences. Congratulation Lt. Col. Eisner for finally pushing back. I am sure your men are grateful to you sir.

  2. Eisner was correct. They need more of that, not less. It being on camera gets the message out. The person who should be let go would be the wuss who suggested Eisner cannot go on. Who do you want next to you watching your back?

  3. As far as I’m concerned, Israel needs to be much more heavy-handed, all of the time with EVERYONE who threatens them..

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