A letter stamped by Iranian authorities in terms of how Muslims are to deal with Bahai

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The English translation of the attached letter stamped by Khamenei’s office (Religious & Supreme Leader of Iran):

In the name of God
All members of the Bahai cult are guilty as being infidels & are regarded as “Najes” (an islamic term for being inherently unclean/dirty), thus people are advised to avoid proximity in food & other things because of their contagious nature AND it is paramount that the believers combat the schemes & devious nature of this misled cult.

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3 Replies to “A letter stamped by Iranian authorities in terms of how Muslims are to deal with Bahai”

  1. Sorry ‘Opponent’ but you obviously know little about the Baha’i faith if you assume they ‘deal with Muslims’ in any way close to what the Iranians have been and are doing to the Baha’i. Baha’is have not imprisoned, beaten, killed and attempted to exterminate Muslims or anyone. Please try to educate yourself a bit better before making rather ignorant comments.

  2. I have only ever met a few Baha’i and the ones I have met have been amongst the kindest and most gentle souls I have ever met. The only disagreement I have had with any was one young man who insists that the problem is not Islam and that Baha’i is a form of Islam actually. I hope no orthodox Muslim hears him say that. His life will be the forfeit as an apostate. Oh well. As a Baha’i it is forfeit anyway I suppose.

    But certainly they seem a very nice group of people.

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