The Deadly Consequences of Being Pro-Israel in the U.K.

Come to England where every nacht is Kristallnacht

From Front Page Magazine:

On the street, the revival of Nazi-era assaults on Jewish stores, in particular Ahava, frequently go unpunished. Judge George Bathurst-Norman set free the vandals who had attacked a factory because he asserted that their animus toward the Jewish state justified their actions and even made them heroes. The escalation of hostility into violence has become routine and vandalism, theft and assault have become the hardly remarked upon tools of anti-Israel protesters.

Fusing together the worst of the red-green alliance between the Marxist left and Islam is the Respect Party, whose leading member is George Galloway. Galloway has just clambered back into parliament after campaigning on his “quasi-Islamic values” and boasting that he was a better Pakistani than the Labour Muslim candidate he was running against because he avoids pubs.

Galloway had celebrated his return to parliament with a cry of “All Praise to Allah” and by lending his name to the Global March on Jerusalem. A month earlier Carole Swords, the chairwoman of the Respect Party in Tower Hamlets, had been convicted of assaulting a Jewish man who had blocked her from destroying Israeli products.

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2 Replies to “The Deadly Consequences of Being Pro-Israel in the U.K.”

  1. These anti-Semitic bastards are Nazis, plain and simple, and George Galloway and his ilk are fascist bully boys.
    Galloway is an seditious, loud-mouthed scumbag, a traitor to his Christian roots, a crypto-Muslim who hates his own nation. He has not only flirted with the enemy, but he has courted and bedded it.
    History will expose him and people like him for what they really are!

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