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4 Replies to “The state of Utah monetizes silver and gold”

  1. This is a conservative U.S. state that is cleaning house, stocking up on provisions and getting ready to barricade itself in with a shotgun and a sign on the front door saying “trespassers keep out.” These old pioneer States are not stupid and have seen right through Obama’s misdemeanors. They fear for the U.S.A and are getting ready for possible meltdown.
    I expect other states to join in soon and maybe we’ll eventually see the U.S. constitution being revitalized through their combined efforts.
    After all, when Federal law is being systematically destroyed by Marxist muppets, it may be left to the individual states themselves to restore American values back into America!

  2. This is exactly what it appears.

    And you are quite correct, this significantly more serious that it first appears.

    An individual state has recognized the inherent corruption and instability that is the Obama government, that is the federal government. This recognition has now manifested itself in the states desire to empower the people in the face of a coming meltdown.

    Utah is the home of the Mormon. As such there is a greater sense of reliance on the self and a parallel faith in God found in the vast majority of Utahans. Utahans have a justified distrust of government that is now seen, the distrust, creeping across America.

    From the Tennessean, legislator Rick Womick and his calls to remove all muslims from the military, a wise move all things considered, to the SB1070 put forth by Governor Jan Brewer in Arizona in the face of crippling waves of illegal immigrants.

    Individuals across America recognize Washington for what it is; morally and intellectually bankrupt septic tank of parasitic and criminally indifferent Leftists hell bent on America’s destruction.

    America stands on the knife edge of total economic collapse and in the event of the same absolute chaos will reign supreme. You want to see madness, take a Black Friday at the entrance to a Walmart when a couple of shoppers get trampled by a crowd seeking a deal on a big-screen tv…..extrapolate that ten thousand times as people seek food and hard goods in the face of a collapsing currency. Add to that a lawlessness and contempt for your fellow man that has become so popular as of late.

    I have nothing but pity for those who live in large population centers.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  3. Gold will be back in use as currency within a short period of a possible total financial crisis, no matter if already in the form of coins or still as golden teeth – Utah just thinks ahead.

  4. I really do think that a nations currency should be responsibly tied to the production of wealth. More should be printed as more goods are created and so on. This system works really well when it is handled responsibly and the Fed Reserve typically does do its job very well.

    It seems as if the Obama admin has ‘fundamentally changed’ crucial principles of the way things are meant to work. It is a bad idea to peg a nations currency to some metal that comes out of the ground. Deflation is guaranteed when the US is booming for example.

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