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Canadian artist and counter-jihad and freedom of speech activist as well as devout Schrödinger's catholic


  1. my serious question about these freaks is this…
    when they hold their p-p do they have to face mecca and pray to their pedophile prophet and their insane crackpot allie ababa godhead so they don’t have evil thoughts of masterbation or lustful thoughts of screwing children, and as we know the catholics can just recite popes nose poses nose several times to recify this, but what do islamics do?

  2. Why didn’t they just deport him, as France and Italy do without any trouble. The imam has perfect freedom to appeal from wherever he came from.

  3. Maybe it’s for the same reason the norwegians keep their iraqi crackpot Mullah Krekar, just because he might suffer torture and death penalty back home? And dear lord, we can’t violate his human “rights”, for chrissake. I say stuff it! He doesn’t have any human rights because he ain’t even human! He’s a frickin’ koranderthal!

  4. @Richard

    Quite simple actually. In the UK he is being housed and fed and paid by the, mostly caucasian, indigenous British taxpayer. Now who would turn down a life of leisure at the expense of those dogs.

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