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4 Replies to “Ezra on the marriage guide book for Muslims and more”

  1. If she lies about the Koran verses that mandate wife-beating then she is not to be taken seriously.

    I find Raheel Reza just as pathetic as the blabbering jitterbug Irshad Manji.

  2. She also believes that Mohamed was not a pedophile and saying so runs counter to the narrative of the counter-jihad. Of course, if koran and all other scriptures of Islam are to be believed, most horrifically, the works by the Ayatollah who wrote extensively on all the nasty stuff Moe did to his then 6 year old bride Aisha, he was the king of pedophiles.

    Reza is sincere though. She really wants the Western world to fight back against Islamic conservatism. She thinks we need to preserve classical liberalism. If she is a Manchurian candidate she is a very good one, even though I disgaree with her take on Islam. I find it to be of the British flavour. A sort of, ‘if we lie enough about Islam maybe Muslims will believe us and start acting that way’.

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