Police stop Islamic demonstration in France for Mohamed Merah


(AGI) Toulouse – Police in France prevented a group of people from holding a demonstration in memory of the Toulouse killer.
This afternoon, some one hundred riot police officers intervened to disperse about thirty people who were trying to hold a demonstration in memory of Mohammed Merah, the man behind a series of shootings in Toulouse who was killed by the police two days ago after an over 32-hour siege. Most of the demonstrators were burqa-clad young women. Wearing the full-body burqa veil in public is illegal in France. . .

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5 Replies to “Police stop Islamic demonstration in France for Mohamed Merah”

  1. I trust they were all arrested and are being prepared for deportation to whichever Islamic Hell-hole they originally came from?


  2. Ross, it’s probably those who speak out against Islamic barbarism who are the ones in court. That’s the TRUE mental condition “islamofauxbia”, as Pam Geller astutely noted last week.

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