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Mohamed Merah met British Jihadist

Sunday March 25,2012

By Marco Giannangeli and Stuart Winter


BRITISH security forces were last night hunting a group of Islamic terrorists intent on wreaking havoc during the Olympic Games.

Security sources have told the ­Sunday Express that 15 to 20 ­terror suspects entered Britain from France in the past week.

The warning, issued by the ­Renseignements Généraux, France’s equivalent to MI5, was given to British MI6 agents in ­Toulouse, south-west France, examining the home of extremist gunman Mohamed Merah, 23.

The security officers were searching for a UK link on the killer’s computers. According to sources French RG officials then revealed that up to 20 out of 50 known terror ­suspects had slipped out of France for ­Britain.

Last night MI5 were on a high-level alert after fears sleeper cells already based in the UK are poised to strike. Fears grew over individuals who have secured Leave to Remain status since coming to Britain at least five years ago from Iraq, Kurdistan, Afghanistan and North Africa. Most of the “cleanskins” are believed to be working for local authorities as cleaners, hospital porters or taxi ­drivers.

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  1. Well I personally was/am expecting some attempt to be made on the olympics. I will be staying well away from the capital till its over. The scary thing is will one slip through the net? A high profile target is something these jihadists want. To show that despite all the security etc, they still got through. All we can hope for is to catch any attempt. But since 7/7 there have been countless plots foiled, eventually one will get through.

    I imagine watching the success of that disgusting individual in France will inspire many to carry out lone attacks, as it would appear they have less chance of being foiled than a cell. Regarding France in general, I heard Marine le Pen was doing quite badly in the polls at 18% in comparison to the other two candidates being in low to mid 20%.

    Those of us in Britain don’t have a good image when we hear the words “front nationale” as the national front that was here, was basically a bunch of thugs. It would appear she has cleaned up the party a bit, and tried to model the party on a similarity to the European freedom movements. It would appear they have changed but you can never really tell. Our bnp was supposed to have cleaned up their act, but its clear they have just kept their racism hidden.

  2. Much as I would hate to see something nasty go down, if they do succeed, and it is horrible enough, that might be the tipping point for a huge Anti-Islamic backlash by the people of the U.K. That is what needs to happen before the corrupt lefty politician vote whores do anything about this rapidly worsening situation.
    The time for talk is well past. In the aftermath of something bad enough, and knowing the nature of the Brits, the EDL might just become the new ruling political party, with the gonads to part ways from the E.U.
    We can but hope – my Dad didn’t fight in WW 2 for this crap.

  3. It will take one or more major disasters to wake people up to the danger, the question is how many must die or be maimed before the truth is seen?

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