Feminist group protest mistreatment of women in Islam, Islamic marriage realities. At last.

I would very much like to know how these women were treated right after this video ends. Very courageous, among other things, of these women to protest Islamic treatment of women in Istanbul Turkey, but doing so topless, well as one commenter said over at liveleak where the video is from,

“fake victims to real victims in no time flat”

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7 Replies to “Feminist group protest mistreatment of women in Islam, Islamic marriage realities. At last.”

  1. These women are indeed brave….not doubt for their efforts they will be beaten senseless deep in the bowels of some Turkish prison…..then for added measure…as they have “insulted” islam…brutally raped by some high spirited mis-understanders of the “Religion of Peace”….

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. By the looks of it these were western European women, hope they’ve seen midnight express. IMHO they’re bloody mad…….

  3. To the EDL Buck: It is a common misperception, that turks look “asian”, but they are not all from the same “asian” ancestors, which bothers their nationalist ideologues a great deal, btw. Many turks actually look very european, it’s up to the reader to imagine, where those european genes came from. No, not rly, often they simply took the women. Plug -> Socket. Aw, that’s gotta be racist. Or maybe not, if there ain’t no turkish “race”…

  4. Nothing brave about these bimbos. They are just exhibitionists and hoping to get photographed and perhaps some modelling assignments. There are other more effective ways, intelligent ways of making a point …. making a point without nipples.

  5. OMG – bare breasts! It’s bad enough when a woman dares to show her bare face, but nipples, that’s just too much! These little adolescent boys called ‘Muslim men’ are going to get all hot and bothered and end up steaming at the beard. No wonder women get raped. Show a Musloid what a real woman looks like and just like his under-endowed Prophet he goes into a frenzy of pubescent turmoil.
    I think these women are brave but stupid. A woman should know her place. Only a real man can handle a woman who steps out of line, a Muslim man simply isn’t strong enough to cope with it and has to go on a bashing spree. It must be very confusing for him too to see that real women don’t actually look like the pretty little boys that he’s always dreamed about!

  6. I don’t know if it was courage or stupidity, either way they learned that what is allowed in Islamic countries is vastly different from what is allowed in the West.

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