Muslim Lesbian Couple Warns: Deport Us to Israel and we’ll be killed

Shalom Toronto:

The Canadian Federal Court has accepted an appeal by an Israeli Muslim lesbian couple who sought refugee status in Canada, saying they will be killed for desecrating the honour of the family if deported to Israel

By Jonathan Dahoah Halevi
Translated By Elad Benari


Iman Musa and Majida Mugrabi, a Muslim lesbian couple who are Israeli citizens and are currently living in Canada, have received from the Federal Court of Canada an opportunity to re-examine their request to receive refugee status in Canada. In the judgment which was given on March 8, 2012, The Honourable Judge Roger Hughes ordered the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada to hold another hearing regarding the request.

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Iman and Majida came to Toronto in 2007 and shortly afterwards applied for refugee status, claiming that there is a danger to their lives in Israel since they are in a lesbian relationship, which is considered a desecration of Muslim family honour, punishable by murder at the hands of one of the members of the family. The plea was rejected by the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration which ordered their deportation to Israel. The two appealed the decision and requested that their file be transferred to a Risk Assessment officer, who also declared on August 9, 2011 that their lives will not be in danger if they are deported to Israel.


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