Leftist Activists in Israel: ‘Liberate Palestine from Tel Aviv to Jenin’

Shalom Toronto:

Left-wing activists who demonstrated in Tel Aviv to condemned the murder of Palestinians in Gaza, told the IDF to “go to hell” and claimed that Israel is an apartheid state dominated by capitalists

By Jonathan Dahoah Halevi
Translated By Elad Benari

A group of leftists held a demonstration last week outside IDF headquarters and the Defense Defence Ministry headquarters in Tel Aviv, to protest the IDF activity in Gaza in response to the Grad rocket attacks against Israel.

Photo by: YouTube

The demonstration was recorded by an internet user named Mafolik and the videos (which were uploaded to YouTube on March 13) provide a window to understanding the positions of left-wing activists in Tel Aviv about Israel’s right to defend itself, the nature of terrorism and the “Israeli occupation” of historical Palestine.

The following positions are implied from the words of the leftists during the protest:
The Israeli attacks in Gaza are war crimes, and the terrorists killed in those attacks were “murdered.” The IDF, according to the protesters, is an army of occupation and must “go to hell” and the Israeli government is a “fascist” government which applies an “apartheid” rule and is a “security risk” due to its policy of “aggression”. To them, the country called Palestine is under Israeli occupation from “Gaza to Bil’in” and “From Tel Aviv to Jenin.”

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