Al-Qaeda linked group claims Toulouse shootings

Now Lebanon:

Al-Qaeda linked group Jund al-Khilafah has claimed responsibility for shootings this week in France, according to a statement posted on jihadist websites on Thursday.

“On… March 19th, our brother Yousef the Frenchman carried out an operation that shook the foundations of the Zionist Crusaders… and filled their hearts with terror,” said the statement apparently referring to the shooting of an Israeli-French teacher and three children at a Jewish school in France.

“We claim responsibility for these operations,” said the statement, adding that Israel’s “crimes… will not go unpunished.”

The jihadist group also called on France to change “its policies towards Muslims… and to abandon its aggressive tendencies towards Islam,” warning that such policies will bring “nothing but destruction.”
And it added: “Jews we say to you… our date with you is near and you will be dazzled by what we are capable of.”

The statement was pulled from some websites shortly after it was posted but remained on several other websites.

According to US monitoring group SITE, Jund al-Khilafah has previously claimed attacks in Afghanistan and Kazakhstan.

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4 Replies to “Al-Qaeda linked group claims Toulouse shootings”

  1. “Jews we say to you… our date with you is near and you will be dazzled by what we are capable of.”

    Well, frankly, I already know what these throwbacks are capable of and there’s nothing dazzling about it!
    They’re capable of lying, stealing, bullying, wife-beating, killing, sodomy, rape and extreme cowardice. I sincerely hope that one day Israel wipes these scumbags off the face of the Earth!

  2. “you will be dazzled by what we are capable of”

    What a fruit.

    I didn’t say that lightly. There is a profoundly deep connection between jihadism and homosexuality. Jihadi training camps are known to be a hotbed of that sort of thing.

    Think about this – the rape gangs are bypassing the jihadism to get streight to the 72 virgins.

    If a jihadist could just go pay a forced prostitution gang, why does he go off to spend his life among men for the prospect of imaginary virgins?

    Because they are imaginary and not real. He doesn’t really have to have sex with women in real life – and can forstall facing his sexual failure as a man to the next life. If homosexuality was more accepted in islamic culture there would be much less jihadism.

    Boy am I smart. Or twisted. Probably both.

    PS love the new verification system – for this one it was “Bring the Piggy His Cigar.” HA!

  3. If that sounds like a bit of a stretch to you then think about this: Anjem Choudhary abandoned his wife and children, as he said it, for jihad. A jihad which just happens to force him to spend all of his time around young men.

    Do you seriously believe it just happend to work out that way? It might be a chicken and egg thing but in Mr. Choudhary’s life it’s abundantly clear that Cock comes first. (heh heh)

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