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4 Replies to “2000 Muslims march in Anderlcht for the murder of a shiia imam by Sunnis in Belgium”

  1. Have they ever marched in such force for any terror attack on non-muslim targets, when it comes to killing infidels both shia-sunni together to do it as brothers.

  2. The parallel society that’s being established and being fed by the host (there’s a word to describe that, it begins with a P) is now out in the open. I live in this stinking shithole that’s called Brussels; the capital of Europe, soon without a single inhabitant of European origin; I’ve seen its demographic composition totally transformed in a mere 20 years, and I can’t wait to move out. And I hope those responsible will meet the faith they deserve.

  3. What’s their problem. This Imam met his maker. That’s what they preach. There is no problem here. It’s a sunny day and their taking in the fresh air.

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